As most of you know, Rob won an Eonline poll for Celeb of Year.  He was up against Kristen, and he won by a small margin.  Well, the E! staff felt the need to insult Rob and Remember Me, but also to basically tell people that Kristen was more deserving. I'm sure most of us would have been happy if Kristen won instead.  I decided to send an e-mail to E!, asking why they felt the need to insult Rob and took them to task for the content of the article.  I had indicated in the letter that I was not a teen, but a 47 year old woman.  The personal response I received was suggesting I see a plastic surgeon and they gave me the name, address & tel# of a doctor!  I just wanted to pass this on, that if they are willing to insult individual fans, they obviously have no scruples.

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You know I was kinda wondering what the hell was going on at the Peoples Choice Awards yes I'm glad Kristen won favorite actress but it seemd kinda strange for the company she was keeping .It's like all of a sudden Rob has cooties since they can be juvenile so can I,he is a young deserving actor just like Johnny D was at one time.maybe it's because he likes to keep his private life private and not tell all every 5 seconds that he's lost the shiney penny status with E.Again he will always be #1 in my book !!!!!!
I wonder what would happen to E! If this went out in public!! Like was all over the news and everything!! I bet they wouldn't of insulted Rob then!! Haha!! And you should do just that!! Expose them!! Because there obviously not the goodie goodie station that everyone believes them to be!!




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