What qualities do you think draws you to Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen and why?

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To Robert: His masculinity. It's amazing. And his Witty sense of humor. And very, beyond attractive

Edward: Played by Robert Pattinson. Enough said. :)
Both of them are unbelievably gorgeous, intelligent, sexy ....
both are incredible musicians,
Robs voice is so perfect unique, so sensual..
Rob is Edward !!!
thats all i can say :))
Robert is a really talented guy. It's like eveything he touches turns into art, he has a beautiful voice and his music is great! Also he is an amazing actor and he can play no matter what role. He's intelligent, shy, sensitive, independent and absolutly gorgeous. He cares about his friends and he stays with both feet on the ground, he even doens't understand what people find so great about him. He doesn't act for the money, but because he loves to do it, it's his passion.
Edward is just like Rob incredibly handsome and he is really sensitive, caring, protective, strong and he really loves Bella, he would do anything for her. Those two guys are absolutly 'wauw'.
well the things that draw me to both of them is that they are both kind and caring!!
robert:sexy,funny,humble,down to earth,beautiful musican,amazing actor,has a sexy british accent.beautiful eyes & smile,and awesome run-ur-hands-through hair
edward:sexy,vampire,loyal,his devotion and love for bella,passionate,caring,and is played by rob pattinson

Rob qualities - he is talented, handsome, sexy, funny, interesting and has a great voice and a sexy accent that makes me crazy...
Edward qualities - he is handsome, sexy, interesting, funny, romantic, sweet, gentle, devoted to Bella,...
Firstly his accent I'm a sucker for guys with accents. Secondly I was a huge twilight series fan lover before the movies came out and so when Robert Came out in the movies not only did I think that he was hot but I thought that he was hotter because he was in my favorite book series!! Also he is soo sweet and kind super funny and has a playful attitude. And he is SUPER SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His eyes. OMG I love he's eyes. They're incredible. British acent + his voice=whenever I hear it I'm sighing and "wow", I couldn't do anything if we would be with me and talk to me. Everytime he would spoke I would stare into these beautiful green eyes and forget about everything that's surround me. He's sense of humor...
For Rob first his accent I LOVE the English accent, when I hear him talk I melt. But he is also a great actor, kind, humble, shy, joker, great musician love his smile.
Edward, who wouldn't want a man that treats them like he treats Bella?




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