Do u like Robert in Twilight better or in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

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I liked him in both although Cedric is more approachable and was the popular guy in school, the jock, the one who dated every girl in Hogwarts, ( somewhere Hermonie is kiciking herself) Edward was just someone you stayed away from because he was soo intimatiding.
Twilight, i dont watch harry potter but i cant imagine him being better than he is in twilight.
he plays edward soo well, i couldnt imagine anyone else with that part either!
hes perfect for it(L)
he is so much better in twilight...
he's much better as edward...
i like him in twilight cuz he dies in harry potter,duh...
can't watch that movie without him existing...
I like them both but i hate to watch harry potter cause he dies.
twilight 100% he much sexier in the film love him playin edward
I have to admit that when I first saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, I didn't like Rob.. but that was only because he had to compete with Harry and I was a huge Harry Potter fan. But yes, he played his role very good and I understand why after Harry Potter people started to call him 'the next Jude Law'. But I do prefer him in Twilight, though.. he is one of the main characters there and he has really grown since Harry Potter. He was really good there, but now he is even better. Let's say that Rob is just a fantastic actor and he's good in everything he does!
Twilight because i dont watch Harry Potter but im pretty sure he is wayyy better in Twilight!




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