old hair ,

and his new hair !

i love both . (:
... i hope the images actually appear o_o

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oh great , it`s just huge . :P
Ooh it's difficult, exceedingly difficult. On one hand the old hair is HOT, very sexy...however the new one is super CUTE! I mean I just love both. This guy, well he could get away with being bald! (Just a thought, please no baldness Rob!) XD
Yea I like them both-and it doesn't really matter if it's short now becasue...hair grows lol
but def.- no baldness please
I love both
i liked it a lot at first when i first found out i loveddd it. because i never did like the fact that he never washed his hair, but idk...i miss it. it was his thing. it was crazy and i loved when he ran his fingers through it. idk, if hes happy with it then so am i. hes not stalked by the paparrazzi (sp? i never did know how to spell this correctly) or cuhrazyyy fan girls.
his new hair looks pretty scruffy and stuff, But i like it
I love both! At least now his hair won't look so dirty & disheveled. it was so distracting to see all that grease. But no matter what, it doesn't change his dazzling smile.
well, i liked his old hair in some ways, and i like his newer hair in others ways...i really can't decide..but i still like him..lol
i love them both as well........ i cant pick which one is better.. but his old hair was getting a little out of control..
OMG!!I miss his old hair!!!I LOVED his old hair!!
i so prefer his old hair

i'm not saying he doesn't look cute with his new hair

but his old hair was just STUNNING

whe i heard that he'd cut it i was like OMG HE CAN'T HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm gettin used to it.... but i'm just wondering how long it'll take to grow back

at least we'll always have the twilight movie to remember his old hair :D

i like his old hair because its how i first saw him and i love it :) but his new hair is okay - and it will grow! i guess i could get used to it plus its still the same sexy Rob!




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