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What do you think it was robert's reaction?

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i think it is so disgusting and omg my eyes i lost them
I with you, I hate wnen that happenf in book, and it's so disgusting, just not right
He was probably jealous, and I can't balme him; it's a serious kiss!
I hate this part, too! I wanted to kick Jacob's butt for doing this when I read it!
and I would probably be really piced off when I'll see this scene!
it's just WORNG!
i know

♥ ♥ ♥ Roxy<3dwardCullen ♥ ♥ ♥ said:
this is a ugly and so boring kiss i don't like it at all very disgusting!!!!!!! I don't think Robert had something against that f****** kiss he is aware that is only theater
omg i was like yessssss i want to see this scene and rob i guess he is pissed

I think he was flashing with anger..."I'll kill that wolfyieee"'s obvious...he didn't like it...
Well...I mean...okay, I'm neither Team Edward or Team Jacob...but this is Jake and Bella and we're going to have to deal with it. I know it seems..kind of wrong which it is...I always get a weird vibe when I look at this picture because Bella is Edward's (AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE THAT)...but you know...there's an equation to all of this. Jacob is attracted to Bella for a reason and we ALL KNOW WHY. Let's not get all mad..and resentful. Let's look at this MATURELY and let's be grown-ups about this like Edward would. This is just a point in the story where Bella is trying to figure everything out. and to be quite honest...she was totally manipulated into kissing him and we all know it. That's the only thing I don't like about Jake..he manipulates and he's selfish a lot of times..but he's still good to the core. i'm just trying to help you guys get your minds on the right tracks before we see this scene so we don't get all weirded out. Well...that might be kind of impossible, I guess but oh well. Even Kristen was just...weird.... Because JAKE BELONGS WITH NESSIE. There's a reason. And I'm sure Rob was mature about it. I mean..Kristen had to kiss Dakota for crying out loud...and he wasn't freaking out about it. He's a cool guy, you guys. I definitely don't think that Rob is completely PISSED. He knows he's got Kristen fully. (no one can deny that anymore, sorry guys). He knows it was...just...a really weird scene because Edward and Bella are IT. THEY are the story. This is definitely just one of those "floppy" moments but I got over it...and everyone else can too, and so can Rob. Rob and Kristen have that chemistry that is just indescribable. It's just so incredible. Nothing can break that. And Rob knows it.




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