I was just wondering will Robert and Kristen show a little bit of their love on The Twilight Saga : Eclipse tour. More holding hands or even a kiss. Tell me what you think. I personaly think ( and hope) that what happend on MTV Movie Awards will be just preface in what will happend on summer :))

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idk maybe and i really hope soo i guess they would
me too, they look cute, when they are together
Yeah.i think they will...but I think they do not like to show their feelings towards each other before thousands of ppl...They are modest...And I hope they love each other very mych..<3
Ummmm...I definitely see where your thoughts are going on this because I've been predicting stuff too. At the MTV Movie Awards...it was BEYOND obvious. And I'm not just talking about the kiss. Everything before that was really adding up to something. The way they were so flirty sitting next to each other...and the way he looked at her when she was up on stage to accept Best Female. wow. He was like...literally shining from the inside--it was seriously rubbing off!!! hahaha!! And then how she tripped and then ran back to him and he held her up and supported her. SO CUTE. Oh, and he FINALLY thanked her publicly. And also, in Korea, on one of the interviews...the guy's like: "So, Rob's not here?" And her voice got really really soft and she's like: "Oh...no he's not. It was actually his idea to come here..but he's working." It was so cute. I was like: omg Kristen don't cry!!! And then a few minutes later the guy asked: "As far as I know..you and Rob are a couple..."
And then Kristen's like: "As far as you know, well...BREAKING NEWS!!!! YOU JUST GOT THE EXCLUSIVE!!!" It was so hilarious I was falling out of my chair.

Yeah, they've really been getting more open about their relationship. Every little look and smile..IT'S A KILLER. It's been very obvious the past few months, Idk why....but it seriously has. And the Budapest fiasco was pretty much the starter for Robsten 2010.

Considering what's been happening in RobstenLand lately...I think they probably are during touring this summer. But..unfortunately, he's not going to be touring with them because of his movie very much. He's like..only going to be in LA for the events that happen there. He's not going outside of the country :( But, he is going on a few things, for example, the convention this weekend. I'm not going to bet that there's going to be a zillion Robsten moments this weekend because I already know it. But, I definitely don't think that they're just going to jump out and say: "HEY!!! WE'RE TOGETHER!!!" Yeah..no. They're too modest and private and honest. But, they've been giving it away inch by inch...just a little bit at a time. And notice, that they've NEVER said no?

I definitely think that we're going to get a lot of cute moments, we always do. They're always flirty and she's always by his side. I just don't think that they will confess it openly. They'll do that when the time is right. So, yes, I do think that we're going to see Robsten cuteness this summer!!!! OF COURSE we will. They're VERY much in love. And have you seen that picture of Rob, Kris, and Taylor presenting onstage at the MTV Awards? There's the picture of Kristen just looking up at him with these big, soft, green eyes. It's sooo cute. <3 Yes, they're very much in love. I'm no idiot, I know love when I see it because I grew up watching it and I grew up in it. The people that say Robsten is rubbish do not have a good amount of love in their life. They obviously must have had a family that didn't give them much attention and made them feel like they matter. Love is what it is though, and that will never change. ROBSTEN is love. We'll get PLENTY of Robsten moments. It's only going to get better.
I definitely agree with you. She seems a bit more guarded and I understand that. She's trying to protect herself and what's important to her and as a result, some people mistake her as a b**** or just too shy. But she's not like that. Her true fans know that. It just seems that she's not very comfortable with flaunting it right now because of all the pressure they're under. And i'm positive that Rob understands that, he's not stupid. But his attitude is more like: "whatever", ya know? I get the vibe that he's like:" whatever she's comfortable with is whatever I'll go with" . it's cute. So, yeah, i totally see what you mean. you're right. That's exactly how it is. It's not like he's PUSHING for them to go public though because he doesn't want to hurt her or their relationship. I just think that Rob has a little more faith than Kristen and that Kristen has something that Rob needs in his life. They're each other's anchors.

stephani johnson said:
i hope so. it was so cute what they did at the movie awards. kristen is a private person though and wont flaunt her relationship around. maybe she will grow more comfortable with it soon and show some very small pda. like holding hands or something. rob seems like he is ready to show the world. but i guess in time maybe they will.
idk bat i wish they will it was so cool wen they was in new moon so yes i wish they will
i hope they do, that would be great and it would make me so happy and im sure they will xx :)
I agree about Kristen being private and also Robert about their relationship, living your private life in the publics eye must be very hard and relationships are hard any way without the media and the world waiting to see what happens, its a very private thing between two people and i dont blame them for keeping it private because either way stuff is said about them in the media regardless and i do think we are going to see very cute robsten moments over the summer any one can see the chemisrty between them but i respect them for keeping it on the down low and also not purposely trying to get in the media about there relationship they are such big stars they dont need random stuff being said about them in the media i think they are so mature that they are not puting themselfs out there because the media write such crap! they will come out about there relationship when they are good and ready and i dont blame them for that!! I think they both handle fame espically Robert with very level heads and maturity and i really respect that!! Love you Robert forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
I agree with all o0f you. That wont let anyone to destroy what they have. It is private, and if that is ok to them, let it be that way. Robert will say "yes, we are together" , but doing that he'll hurt Kristen, and thats not what he wants. They are together and there is so many sings, you just need to look cartefully, and you'll see everything. Touches that seems so inocente, or just expression when their eyes meet each other. It so cute, so lets just hope that they'll survive everything what life gives to them.




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