what do you think ROB WOULD CLIMB A MOUNTAIN FOR LOVE but the QUESTION is WHY would you CLIMB a MOUNTAIN FOR HIM????????

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I was just listening to rob "i was broken" i really listened and soaked up his lyrics AND i am now sitting here in floods of tears wondering how this amazing man can be so soulful and write songs so breathtakingly beautiful. It was like reading shakespeare or a love poem or a love story! I think rob is the best song writer but doesnt get enough credit because everyone gets rapped up in omg its edward cullen dont get me wrong i am totally obsessed with twilight but i think i am one of few people who can split them up into two different people and think of rob as just ROB! everything about me melts but just his powerfulness in his lyrics is what would make me climb a mountain for his love or anyones love who reminded me of these things :) robert pattinson is one of few actors who is amazing and not obnoxious about it he doesnt get a big head from it all but stays humble and doesnt no how amazingly talented he really is ! as a aspiring actor and song writer rob is my idol! anyone to be in his presence should count there lucky stars not just because of his beauty but because of his heart and his soul!!
The neg thing is that my hair looks like his does in the morning how come he can pull it off so sexy and I look like medusa? hehehe, Seriously it's not just one thing,it's the total man. he is a Renaissance man. If I have to narrow it down, I would say his smile. I love his sense of humor, and that I'm really not quite sure of myself way about him.
this is so true

bwen said:
Physically Rob's eyes and hands fascinate me!!!! You could drown in those eyes, and I love to watch those hands as he caresses the piano keyboard it makes me shiver like he was touching me.
I love his adorkableness when speaking to the press, and his inability to see himself as something special.
However when you add to that his voice with that sultry, sensual accent, I become jelly, but when he sings I could cry.




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