Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Legend of the Triforce Children

Takes place after the Last Olympian and the whole Legend of Zelda series. This is a very long plot with some info to connected the 2 series.


The beginning: The Greek Gods created the whole world and people and land leaving the north western part of America to become a chaotic realm of no life and land. 1 day  three goddesses name Din,Nayru and Farore descend to the land. Din the Goddess of power with her strength and flames created the red earth. Nayru the goddess of wisdom poured her wisdom and gave law to the realm. Farore the goddess of courage with her rich soul produce life to those who would uphold the law. The three of return to the heavens leaving behind the legendary triforce.


The first triforce Demigods: 50 years went by since the creation of hyrule. Din descend into Hyrule and took the form of Gerudo and a year later had her first demigod son she name Ganondorf who became the king of the Gerudos. 10 years later when Ganondorf is a teen. Nayru & Farore descend to Hyrule in the form of 2 Hylian maidens. The king of Hyrule fell in love with Nayru and they had Nayru's first demigod daughter Princess Zelda. A royal knight who served the royal family fell in love with Farore and they had Farore's first demigod son Link. 17 years later Din found her son became the king of evil and stole the triforce of power. But she was glad that Link & Zelda with the help of the sages seal him away. Din vowed never to have anymore children again.


The second triforce Demigods: 1'000 years went by Hyrule has faded becoming the northern part of the US and it is 1991. Nayru had a new daughter and left her with her human father. Farore who was expecting turn the abusive father into a cucoo. Farore seeing that her baby looks like his father use her to change her son's appearance making him look like her first demigod son with her traits. She gave him to a young couple who couldn't have babies.


Plot: 17 years later. After the defeat of Kronos. Percy,Annabeth,Grover and Thalia live and work at Camp Half-Blood. Chiron has given them the job to find and escort demigods to Camp Half Blood. 1 day a new cabin that looks like a temple with a strange triangle mark was created and Chiron sent them to find the 2 special demigod children that has that mark. Percy thinks that the Triforce and Hyrule were a video game but by surprise their real.


This is the mark on the Triforce demigods


*Follow all rules*










The 2 triforce demigod kids


Name: (insert name)
Age: (insert age)
Parent of: Nayru: Goddess of Wisdom
History: (insert history)


Name: Alec

Age: 17

Parent of: Farore the Goddess of courage.

Description: Alec is the descendant of Link and a demigod. He is best friends with Nayru''s demigod daughter who is a descendant of princess Zelda. He has the Triforce of Courage in his left hand.


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Name: Vira
Age: 16
Parent Of: Nayru
Description: She is a descendant of the great Princess Zelda. She is best friends with Alec, who happens to be the descendant of Link. She has some great magic within' her works, and a triforce peice is on her right hand.
Annabeth and Grover

Name: Auxiliadora

Age: !3
 Parent of:Farore
History: I was abandon in an ally way as a baby then oneday a man came and adopted me. I went to camp i am the youngest and i think Alec is cute.

theres already Farore's son Alec who is your half brother.




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