Bella Swan is an absolute nobody at her performing arts high school, but all she wants to be is a star. She's always wanted to be in the musical, but she's always been to nervous to audition. For a few reasons. A: She's in love with the boy who always gets the lead, Edward Cullen. B: She doesn't want the Denali sisters -Tanya, Kate, and Irina- to laugh at her more than they already do. 

Bella's best friend, Alice Brandon, is tired of it. When the fall musical is Les Miserables, she encourages Bella to try out for once. She finally plucks up enough courage to audition, and gets a lead role of Cosette over Tanya Denali. With Edward as Marius, will Bella's crush blossom or turn to ash?


Bella Swan (cast as Cosette)- Emma Rhodes


Edward Cullen (cast as Marius)- 


Alice Brandon (cast as Eponine)- Miley Elizabeth Swan Cullen


Tanya Denali (cast a factory worker- Cosette's understudy)-


Rosalie Hale (cast as Fantine)-


Jasper Hale (cast as Javert)-


Emmett Cullen (cast as Valjean)-


Kate Denali-


Irina Denali- 

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Of course :)
If you want to, Miley, we can start and maybe stall until we get more people. Or, we can just take up all the characters and make this private.

((Since no one else seems interested...))


Bella gazed at the sign-up sheet pinned to the bulletin board. Each line was marked with a time slot, just long enough to sing something. Bella loved Les Miserables, she really did, but being in the show seemed so far away for her. 

Need characters




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