I've had difficulty with this from the beginning of the books and I never seem to be able to make up my mind. I guess I understand where she's coming from with the whole human thing, but she kind of frustrated me in BD with Nessie. =/ It's a love/hate thing.

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I love to dislike her. lol but she is growing on me each time I read Breaking Dawn
I really like Rosalie! At first I was unsure but when I got to Eclipse and she explained to Bella why she didn't like her, it made ME like Rosalie a lot more. She definitely grew on me from there.
I agree with Cookie Cullen, she kinda frustrated me in BD but I understand. She wanted and child and she couldn't have one because she is a vampire so when Bella gets pregnant and has Renesmee, I understand why Rose got mad and freaked out!

I really like Rosalie though and hopefully we will see more of her in the next movies!!
We didn't get to see much of her and it sucked!
I like her because she is a great character! I hate her when she's a b**** and how up herself she is but I do hav sympathy 4 her because of what she went through and how much she wanted a nice normal human life and also I get her hatred 4 bella but still i wish she wasnt so mean sometimes!!! she's nice in Breaking Dawn tho so yay!!
rosalie it's ok...she is beautiful..when i read twilight i hate her a little but after i read the other books i started to like her...she has good intentions but the problem is that she didn't choose exacly the best way to express them...
she is a complex person.... i think she is struggling with her past too much!!!!!!!!!1 she just needs to let go & move on...if i was a vampm & had emmett as a BF man thats like a dream come ture...if she is soo freakin depressed to get a baby Adopt one big deal.........
but i really like her! :D :P





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