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i want a guy that is a gentlemen,cares,cute guy,and makes me laugh. i dont want a guy that has long hair and is punk or goth or skater i want a normal cute normal caring guy:)
i want a guy that cares about me, calls me beautiful on days that i fell all but that. that loves me for my and doesnt want to change me into what ever he wants me to be like. i want a guy thats fun and crazzy!!! just like me. . .that is random and fun just like me. . . . ohh love guys with long hair lol, i think its hott lol so yea thats what im looking for!!! :)
i want him to be cuite sweet and funny not just to be my boyfriend but my bestfriend someone who miss's me when i am gone who will call when he says he wil and will no cheat on me
i want a guy who loves me for me. someone who can make me laugh, smile when i feel like crap, show pda in front of his friends no matter what they say, cute, gentleman etc. the works. that's all i'm asking for but for some reason that's not happening. guess i have to be extremely patient
i want a guy who can make me laugh,whos a gentlemen and will always be there for me.i want a guy that wont change his mind and will always be faithful.a guy who tells me im beautiful instead of using hot or sexy. i want a guy that likes me the way i am and is outgoing and exciting. i want a guy who can be my bestes friend as well as my boyfirend.someone who will always have my back and on my worst days cheer me up when i need. i want a guy who can be himself at all times and loves to have random who can make me smile even when i want to cry.someone who can light up my day and make it bright and excting.someone who doesnt like complicated realtionships but ones who flow and seem right .a guy who can say this is my girlfriend and im proud of it to his friends and family.someone whos cute and sweet.someone who isnt cocky and concided
I want a guy that is funny, cute lives in Australia. lets me be me, says i'm beautful when i look & feel anything but that. some one i can tell any thing to & not get mad mad or jelous. is kind & listens to me when i talk to them.

So that is what i'm looking 4.
I would like someone who loves me for who I am and I will love them for who they are and i'd like someone who cares for there family and animals

i am athletic, sweet, caring , loveable.
what i look for in a girl she has to have heart and is able to love
WOW tht discribes mii=) and your exactly hav what i want ina guy =)
im loving caring sweet fun to b around and i love to smile and laugh and play soccer=)
i wanna guy who is loving caring athletic and loving and who knos how to treat a girl good. i also wanna guy who if himself and doesnt care what ppl think of him and will b honest and truthful to mii
im loving caring sweet sometimes random and i love to alugh smile dance sing and play soccer

i wanna guy who is nice sweet lovable athletic caring and who will b himself around mii and b honest and truthful with mii and who will just like mii for mii and nothing else
and im ready to find the perfect guy for mii and im ready for any1 =)
Who I am and what I am looking for is all in my profile twifans profile.Ladies,Please read it carefully and get back to me if interested:-)




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