Just a few questions and thoughts for Stephenie & other members to think about?

Well, first I want to thank Stephenie, for her dreams, thoughts and wonderful creation for her books!! They are such a good read and I truly have enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing them with me and the world !!! :o)

Do you all think, if you were disabled as a human , but then you were turned would you still be disabled or would you then no longer be disabled..... no crutches, no wheelchair, no feeling out of place, or feeling different than others around you? Or here is another question ( please know I am not trying to offend anyone with this question - so if i do, forgive me this was not my intent) If you were gay.. as a human, would that transfer over - would that be just a much a part of you as when you turn, would you still be gay?

My thoughts are as a disabled gay man... yes you would be gay. Because just as Bella and Edward stated in the books, its surprising how much of your human traits, so carry over ... when you are turn I think that is cool and really kinda nice you get to take some of "your former self with you" Now as to my other question I think if your disabled like me on crutches or in a wheelchair, that may or may not change - personally I would think it would? Because members of the Cullen Family were sick, and then they were changed, then were more then "normal" they were "Supernatural/Magical Beings. How wonderful!!! So I would think you would be healed of any disabilities, that just my thoughts ? What are your thoughts of my questions or comments?

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I agree. Any disability would be healed, much like they all were. As a vampire their health would be absolutely necessary for their ability to hunt to quench their thirsts.

As far as being gay, well I think that might well carry over too because it's part of who you are.
In terms of disability I think you would definately get better once you turned because it enhances your body and mind so any illness or handicap would be taken away I guess!

and in terms of being gay yeah i think that would definately pass over! becoming a vampire doesn't change your personality and feeliings! well at least i dnt thinks so!




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