The title says it all. When did you first read Twilight, and why?

I started reading it in April, and because my friend (ahem) told me she bought it, which lead to me getting interested in it. :)

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hey you're just like me. My friend told me I HAD TO read twilight, so I did, and I loved it, and now i'm here ^_^
I bought my first copy of Twilight on April 9, 2007 (I have it right next to me & I use receipts as bookmarks so that's how I know the date) and began reading it that night. My friend Kim told me all about it at lunch that day and I was going to Borders that night anyways so I decided to buy it.
I first read Twilight after I read an article in Entertainment Weekly. I was intrigued by all the fuss and wanted to see what it was all about. I am so glad I read that magazine the Saga has changed my life.
well umm.... i needed to read a book an essay , and i needed to finish it in a week, so my friend was like, emmy just read twilight, and she gave it to me, and the first thing i said when i saw it was, that is soo huge there is no way i will finish that in time for my essay, but surely i read it in two days and by the time for my essay i was on the third book... :)
hahaha.. umm i forgot to tell you guys when i started to read it.. haha.. umm i read it in the beginning of october... i didnt know about it til then...
My friend recommended it to me. At first I was skeptical about the whole vampire thing but oh my edward I'm forever indebted to her and Stephenie! And that was in 2008. Best year ever! XD
i read it because it was... EVERYWHERE in my school, and i started it a couple months ago
i think i got in in january 2008. i was supposed to get another book that i had ordered, but they were out..It was in this book fair thing at my middle school. my librarian asked if i wanted another and she mentioned twilight and then went off about how great it is and read all three. and there was ppl i knew that were reading it, so i was like why not? and i kinda wondered after i told her that i would get that instead if i made the right choice, well once i started reading it-i knew i had. so know im a freshman, and twilight is mega huge, and everyone and their mamma knows about it. so you can practically talk to anyone about it, except the few ppl who hadn't read it or haven't seen the movie. whoa, long reply.hahah
I only started reading it over the summer last year (2008), and that was only becasue I got irritated by the amount of times it was mentioned on Mugglecast, and went an read it. I am SO glad I did ^-^ Also, I pushed two of my friends into reading it, and they both thank me for it :D I just have to get my other more stubborn friends to read it...
I think I started reading it in August 2008. Some of my friends had read it and I knew how big it was. So I decided to read it. I borrowed twilight from my friend and within two weeks I owned them all and had read them all. And then BOOM!! Everyone at my school seemed to know about twilight and were in love with Edward Cullen. The books are so awesome and so addicting!! THANKYOU STEPHANIE MEYER!!
I picked it up late summer 2008 after reading an article about Stephenie Meyer in Entertainment Weekly.
I first started reading Twilight on March 2nd 2008. I was taking a Young Adult Fictions class at the time, and Twilight was one of the novels we had to read. Out of all the books we had to read in that class, Twilight was the best, I just got so caught up in it. I ordered New Moon and Eclipse the next day... at the time, my teacher said Twilight was the first in a trilogy, so by the time I finished Eclipse I was mad; surely that couldn't be the end! That's when I hit the internet, looking around to see if there would be another book - first Stephenie's site, then the Lex, and then the whooole community. And I haven't looked back :) Best class choice EVER, as it lead me to Twilight.




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