Which Actors Did You Imagine to Play the Twilight Characters Based on Stephenie's Descriptions??

We're talking about who YOU first imagined the characters to be portrayed by, so don't be afraid to say which ones YOU imagined.

Stephenie's first choices were:

Bella - Emily Browning

Edward - Henry Cavill

Alice - Rachael Leigh Cook

Jasper - Trent Ford

Rosalie - Olivia Wilde

Emmett - Tom Welling

Esme - Mary Louise Parker

Carlisle - Charlie Hunnam

Jacob - Steven Strait

Now....it's your turn!


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I read the books after I saw the first movie, so it was actually really hard to imagine the characters to be portrayed by someone else. I had very similar choices to Stephenie's though when I eventually imagined other actors to portray the roles.

Bella - Emily Browning!!! She's exactly who I imagined for the role!!!

Edward - Sean FarisThis guy is my definition of godlike =}!

Alice - Rachel Bilson

Honestly I imagined Rachael Leigh Cook as Alice, but seeing as she seemed a little old for the character I think of Rachel Bilson now when reading the book.

Jasper - Toby Hemingway

The only actor who is close to the description for Jasper for me.

Rosalie - Blake Lively

Blake is absolutely gorgeous and fits the role soooo perfectly.

Emmett - Kellan Lutz

No one can be Emmett besides Kellan!

Carlisle - Nick Carter

I know this is probably a ridiculous choice for the role since he has little acting experience and is...a Backstreet Boy, but as soon as I read 'young, blond and handsomer than any movie star I've ever seen' Nick Carter came straight to my head. But as the story progressed, I headed towards someone like Charlie Hunnam.

Esme - Rachel McAdams

The heart shaped face, caramel locks, 5'5 and absolutely gorgeous, who else can be Esme other than Rachel?

Jacob - Taylor Lautner <3

This is not a biased choice just because I looove Taylor Lautner. To me, he is absolutely perfect for the role besides the growth spurt that happened in New Moon.




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