Stop comparing Twilight to Harry Potter!


Stop comparing Twilight to Harry Potter!

Stop comparing Twilight to Harry Potter!!!!

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Harry Potter is one thing, Twilight is another!

Comparisons enough for many! HP and Twilight are totally different things! No matter what you like most of the other, are different stories, different characters, different situations. Each one has the taste and it should be respected. Even more ridiculous is that it says a fan of both and still have the ability to compare them. Go reread the books, go.


I made this group for people who can not stand the comparisons between Twilight and Harry Potter!

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Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on December 7, 2010 at 2:52am
Oh and thank you for the invite:-) God bless
Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on December 7, 2010 at 1:58am
It sickens me the way people compare and compete harry potter and Twilight with each other. They are 2 different genres-Magic and vampires.Also,Twilight has a much wider fanbase-13 to 35.Harry Potter is geared more towards children.Which, also, really bothers me.See,I have always been fascinated with vampires.But,as a Christian,I was never able to explore that because I felt I was betraying my faith.Twilight allows Christians like myself to explore the subject of vampires without feeling like I've betrayed my faith because, first of all,they don't drink human blood--at least the Cullen family don't(which is really the only inherently evil thing about vampires) and,unlike vampires in most vampire stories,they make a real effort to redeem themselves.Vampires are not evil unless the person was evil before he or she was turned-Evil lies in the heart of the individual.The Cullens clearly prove that.vampires in other stories usually either embrace the fact that they are vampires or,if they don't, they don't do anything to make up for it.Even Louis in Interview with a Vampire,as much as he hated what he was, didn't even make any effort to redeem himself.Stephanie Meyer has created the type of vampire you can respect-with dignity, integrityand, above all,CONVICTION.Carlisle himself said in New Moon "By all accounts,we're damned,regardless.But,I hope,maybe foolishly,we get some measure of credit for trying."He also said "In the 400yrs since I've been born I have never seen anything that has made me doubt whether God exists in one form or another"This proves that Carlisle still has faith in God and that he and the Cullens still have a chance at redemption despite what they are-otherwise,he would just raise his family as other vampires-with no remorse or respect for human life.Also,considering the fact that Stephenie Meyer is Mormon(even though I dont agree with that particular form of so-called "Christianity"),I think she intended for the vampire and the lust for blood to be a metaphor for the everyday temptations that we as human-beings face.And the Cullens not conforming to the vampire lifestyle of drinking human blood is a metaphor for Christians who don't conform to the rest of the world in order to follow a higher purpose.And,even though I am not a wolfpack fan,If you think about it,they are a metaphor for the gay and lesbian community who feel they didnt have a choice to be who they are(I myself believe eveyone has a choice,but then again,who am I to judge?.I firmly believe in "let he that has no sin cast the first stone"-I am certainly not without sin so I am not one to throw stones)You can see alot of Christian undertones in the Twilight story-including the Cullens belief in the exsistance and value of the soul.Thats why I am a twilight fan. Harry Potter,on the other hand, sends children a very wrong and very dangerous message-that magic is cool,harmless and only found in fairytales. Us,older readers,know that there IS real witchcraft and it can be very dangerous. If children grow up with the idea that magic is cool,they will grow up and could become intrigued to look into real witchcraft.I know some of you are thinking I am going to far with this.But consider the movie "the exorcist".This movie was based on true events.A yound boy in the 50s tried to contact his grandmother through a quijz board and later became possessed. This is the perfect example of how something that seems harmless can have dangerous spiritual,mental and physical consequences.Bottom line-Twilight and Harry Potter are 2 different things.
Comment by Rachael Poland on December 6, 2010 at 7:58pm
Well...this will be interesting lol :)) thanxx for the invite
Comment by BB Cullen on December 6, 2010 at 7:55pm
Thanks for the invite!! xoxo

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