For those of you who saw Taylor Lautner in the 'Twilight' movie, how did you think he portrayed the character? Granted, he didn't get a lot of lines, but were you impressed with how he handled those few? Are you pro-Taylor for New Moon? Or are you slightly skeptical as to whether he can beef it up in time or not?

Personally, I love Taylor's performance. He really came off as slightly overeager, just like poor Jacob did in the book. Taylor will NEVER be my Jacob Black, but he does the character justice in his own way. I fully support him staying on for the rest of the series. I know he probably won't look 25 and grow over six feet by the next film, but I've grown too attached to him to let that fact bother me. xD

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I think Taylor should stay as Jacob for the rest of the series. He definitely did a great job on Twilight and yea-he probably wont grow to 6' 2" and may not look as old as he's said to look in the book- but really, he's an actor. I think he can handle acting like the character is supposed to and portray Jacob in his werewolf stages just as well as he portrayed the human Jacob in Tiwlight. I say- Keep Taylor! I'll be very disappointed if they change him. He can definitely portray the character and us fans already love him-so why bother changing.




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