I have enough evidence now. They are dating. Who kisses their friend on their birthday at a twilight convention? And look at the video comments here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4GWaLSGNfs
Enough evidence for you? Look at this photo:

Note the body language? Friends don't tend to do that. Others rumors are that on the Twilight set everyone called them hubby and wifey. What more do you want?

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I have noticed the same things and begin to wonder myself. Jackson always refers to her in interviews as his wifey and just can't stop saying nice things about her.
Im sure they are really into eachother cuz hes always going on about how beautiful she is and how the best part of playing jasper is having ashley as his wife and stuff. ALSO on mtv spoilers they were asked to kiss and did! im sure they're together!
Aww you know what that would actually be really cute :)
if we can't match make Rob + Kristen then Jackson + Ashley would be the next best thing Lol...

:) that would be totes cute!! haha
I think that thats fine they would make a cute couple and would get them more connected to be alice and jasper for new moon :)
don't you dare insult me like that ashley greene/alice is mine and she doersn't like jasper he has man boobs
*sighs* the perfect couple..
tehy ar einto each other they even say it in many interviews , they sai dthat there is something between them but they prefer to wait until there is less pressure and stuff doing and they will think of it !!! i think they make a cute couple ^^
they're cute 2gether
I Know cause I was looking at Random Youtube Twilight vidios and found Jasper kisses Alice at first before I watched it I thought it was on set but then I watched it and ity WASNT!!!!!!
look jasper n alice sure but jasper is my boyfriend and fiancee shh dont tell alice shes my best sis!
Aww that's so cute I think the make a good couple!!!!!!
i think because they both work that closely with such chemistry there is definatly gunna be a spark between them which is awesome ^_^ there will be a better performance on screen (not that there wasnt, but with more reality and intensity then before) they also look so so soooooo cute together and he cant stop saying nice thing about her in interveiws tht he has done before!! Awwwww!!!
They are both such nice people so why not?! i think its reli awesome :)




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