Does anyone here think she did a good job playing Alice in the movie? I think she did, even though she had nhext to no lines in the movie.Anyone else that you think played their character really well?

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I think she played the part really well even though like you said she had barley any lines she got the character just right
I think she did a great job as Alice! I also lover her voice, it was adorable >./body>
I think she played it well too! She is just like how i pictured her when i read the book :D
she was perfect. her voice made me smile everytime she talked (which was rare bcuz of her lack of lines). i love her in the baseball scene that little thing she does with her leg.haha, so cutee. my dance friend told me what its called..?
Haha yeah :P I learnt how to do the leg thing she does in the baseball scene by watching on youtube "Cardio With The Cullens" Haha its awesome :)

If you haven't seen it you should check it out, ill link it for you all :)
Hope the link works :)
She's not the exact Alice I see in my head, but come on, who could fit that?

She's close enough, and super adorable. I want more scenes of her and Jasper! I suppose the only thing I could say is that she could have been a little more hyper, but other than that..

awesome job Ashley! <33
I think she did but she was a little weird... in a good way I guess. In an Alice way
What I didn't like was that we were supposed to see Alice and Bella become friends and she was supposed to explain to Bella how to become a vampire.

But I think that Ashley did a great job at playing Alice
I can;t wait to see her in New Moon! And hopefully she will have more lines
I thought she did an outstanding job capturing Alice's friendly and bubbly nature without over-doing it. And she and Jasper had a good on screen chemistry too. You could see between them how he needed her to keep him strong in his new vegetarianism. I look forward to seeing more of her in New Moon.
I think she did really well! I think as the films continue, Alice will develop, and Ashley will bring her to life. Especially in New Moon, with going to rescue Edward. Plus Ashley has always been so passionate about the part.
I think that alice was perfect in twilight she was so adorable in it even though she barely had lines i love the way when she meets bella and says um u do smell good i thought that was a cute line :) i so love her voice its so soft just like i imagined her in the book !!!! can not wait until we see her again in new moon i hope they give her more lines this time.
she is the best persion thay could have piked to play alice.and she will definatly have more lines in new moon.she is so cool i luv alice.. know one else could play alice but her.
ttly she did
Ashely (Alice) and Jackson (Jasper) play Alice and Jasper better than jackson and ashley
lol i luv jasper




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