Does anyone here think she did a good job playing Alice in the movie? I think she did, even though she had nhext to no lines in the movie.Anyone else that you think played their character really well?

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Ashlee Greene did a awesome job as alice she gets alot of the credit for being her and she has the perfect voice body and syle to be her she rocks!!!!!
I think that she played very well in the movie.. I love how she played Alice. She did a very good job.... Love Alice!!!!
Hell yea she did a great job playing Alice.
she played the part of ALice great! It's 2 bad she didn't have many lines!
I think she did great. I love Alice. She should have had more lines!
She was perfect as Alice! Wish she had more lines...
I loved it when she said I'm Alice :P
She sounded so cute :D
There had been a lot of criticism about her playing the part because she was too tall for the part, but I think she makes Alice Cullen come alive. She is undoubtably cute, even gorgeous. She plays the part right and her facial expressions mimic those of what the character in the book expresses.

She may not be perfect in every way to everyone, but she's 99 & 44/100 % great to me.
yes you can tell she is a good actor like everyone in twilight their emotions show! which makes the acting superb!she did and will do an amazing job of capturing Alice's character :D
she did awesome




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