The title of my story is Dim light... It's all about Alice and I hope you'll love it...
Please comment about it... thanks..

Chapter 1 :

A Vision

I never regretted being a vampire.
I never saw saw my life as a punishment unlike what Rosalie thinks.
My family and of course my one and only Jasper is the most important thing in my life.
Jasper is everything to and I don't know what I'll ever do without him.
I laid down on my bed not to sleep ofcourse but just to relax.
Hmm... I wonder who created me.
Though I know that James killed him/her, I still want to know his/her name.
I thought of it deeply and sighed.
I have lots of questions in my mind, I hope someday they may be answered or will my questions forever be questions in my thoughts.
Suddenly, flash of pictures appeared. What? the Volturi? What are they discussing?
The pictures were so fast that even I couldn't understand.
I concentrated to sort the pictures out for me to understand them clearly.
I was distracted when I felt Jasper's arm around my waist.
" What are you confused about?" he whispered in my ear.
" I saw the Volturi, they were discussing something.
It's strange cause the pictures were so fast I couldn't get it."
"Are you sure?" he asked.
"Yeah, I need to talk to Carlisle about this." He nodded and we both went downstairs.
" Carlisle?" I called out.
Carlisle was in the room with us in a flash with Esme on his side.
" Yes Alice, what is it?"
"I need to tell you something." I said but before I could continue, I saw another flash of pictures.
A shiny black car, coming straight this way.
I concentrated to see who it might be but.. a lady I don't know who she is.
I never met her before. Who is she?
" Alice, honey are you alright?" Jasper asked panicked.
" Oh sorry Jazz, I just saw something again." I tuned to face Carlisle.
" Carlisle, I saw the Volturi discussing but they keep on changing their minds and I don't get their conversation." I said.
" Alice" Edward said. Edward was holding Bella's hand and Nessie's on the other.
Nessie has grown so much this past 4 years.
She already looks like a 9 or 10 year old.
Maybe the Volturi are discussing a bout Nessie.
They have not talked about her ever since and no doubt that maybe it about Nessie.
"Alice!" Edward exclaimed. It's not impossible Edward. I told him.
Bella turned to face Edward. " It's ok Love, It's nothing" he told Bella.
I could see that Emmett and Rose are coming home from their hunting trip any second now.
" HI GUYS!" he shouted, Rose behind him.
" What's wrong?" he continued upon seeing how serious we all were.
I sighed. " Ok just a while ago I also saw that someone is coming here but I don't know who she is.
I never met her, how about you Edward? I asked while remembered the face of the girl.
"No" he said. "Well, I have a hunch that she may be from the Volturi." I continued.
"What?!" Bella exclaimed.
"Don't worry Bella she's alone, and we can take care of her she's no match for us okay."
Bella just nodded. "But Alice, maybe she's just a friend of ours." Carlisle rejected.
" Yes, even I could see that nothing’s going to happen now but we should be ready." I answered him. " Yeah, we're always ready." Emmett added. Carlisle sighed.
Then we all heard the car tracks coming closer.
When it stopped, we heard the door opened then closed. Silently she approached the door.
Carlisle went to the door to get it.
When he opened the door, " Katrina!", he shouted. Katrina? who is she?
" It's great that we meet again." he continued.
" Yes, I'm happy too." she answered him.
" But why are you here?" Carlisle asked. "Uhm.. Well, is Alice there?"
What? Me? But even I didn’t know her. why does she want me?

And that's the end of chapter 1...
Hope you'll comment guys...

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wow it's great!!! keep up the good work :)
hmm,I'm curious about where all this is going. Like every great writer,you leave the reader wanting more.Good job:-)




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