What's you're favourite Alice quote or scene or whatever?

I love her in New Moon when she's doing Bella's bday party and bella doesn't want her to and she starts threatening her looool it makes me laugh every time!

And also in Breaking Dawn when she organises the wedding and everything! She's so controlling its so funny!

I Love Alice!!!
Nids xx

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I love the baseball scene in the movie where Alice does the leg kick thing :)
I was like whoo thats awesome!!!

I love her in Breaking Dawn when she's showing Bella her birthday present. She jumps on Bella's back and covers her eyes. I thought that part was cute.
I like in Eclipse when Alice guilt trips Bella into letting her organise the wedding. "If you loved me, if you really loved me..." - something like that. Love it!
I liked in MS when she keeps asking Edward if it okay to talk to Bella yet. I also like the part where Alice packs Bella's suitcase for the Honeymoon and it's all lingerie--go Alice!
I really like the whole part of Twilight when Alice and Jasper take Bella to Phoenix. I think that bonded them all in a special way and I like how Alice was aware of her pain but also gave her space in the hotel.
i like the part when alice says..
"i have never seen someone so prone to left threating idiocy.."
and i like it when bella says this about alice
"alice bounded up the stairs in a way that would break any ballerinas heart"
i really like the part when alice is doing bellas makeup in breaking dawn..i just love alice!!!
Go alice!!!! XD
my favortie would be in twilight when edward took bella to meet his family
and he and bella were like play fighting and he was growling at her, then alice walks in and says we thought you were having bella for lunch and we came to see if you would share. hahaha
I love the baseball scene in Twilight..! I also love the birthday part in New Moon, itts funny..=))

i like the part in eclipse when alice tells bella that she loves her graduation gift (movie tickets)and bella has no idea what she is talking about
Yes. The way that she Bowls in Baseball.
i like a lot of alice moments but one of my favs has to be when she drives the porshe 911 turbo. and theres also the bit were she is doing the final fiting for bella and charli and she tells bella to wait for a minute and bella hears her dad saying bleeding on it and bellas like whats going on. there are so meny realy good alice moments its realy hard to choose one.
i like when shes like mmmm she does smell good.. dont worry were gona be best friends.. its ohkay jasper u wont hurt her.. or when shes planing the birthday party and she threatens bella.. its just too funny and it gets me laughin everytime. Or in the bedroom when there play fighting and Alice is like We thought you were having Bella for lunch so we thought we could come see if you would share.
wow all in all I love Alice
the lingures just too funny as well




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