What's you're favourite Alice quote or scene or whatever?

I love her in New Moon when she's doing Bella's bday party and bella doesn't want her to and she starts threatening her looool it makes me laugh every time!

And also in Breaking Dawn when she organises the wedding and everything! She's so controlling its so funny!

I Love Alice!!!
Nids xx

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i like the part when they were playing baseball i love her piches and when they steal the car now i really want a car like that!! LoL
I love when in New Moon, Alice, Edward and Bella are in Voltaire and waiting to go home, Alice tells Edward: I think she's hysterical, maybe you should slap her!! :-) love her!!
My favorite moment is in Midnight Sun. Jasper and Emmet where playing chess. Emmets back is facing Alice. So Alice is telling Jasper what Emmets next move is going to be.

And one other moment. It's in Breaking Dawn. Jacob tossed the "Fido" dish to Rosealie hair. "You. Got. Food. In. My. Hair!" Jacob is laughing and you can hear Alice laughing behind the couch.
i love whens in twilight shes talking to jasper when she meets bella and shes like "dont worry you wont hurt her!"
We thought you were having Bella for lunch so we thought we could come see if you would share
and i like the baseball part
as u can see my pic of jasper playing baseball
i love jasper
I love how Alice's role gets bigger in each book!
Some of my favorite quotes from her are...
"Leave it to you, Bella. Anyone else would have been better off when the vampires left town."
"I wouldn't make assumptions, Charlie."
"How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?"
"Bella's all about extreme sports these days."
~ And these are just from New Moon! lol
I liked her when she said to Bella, "Go play with Edward!"
And then when she shoved Edward out of the door and was like "You -- out,"
She's awesome.
There are a lot of Alice-awesome-moments. But as now, I'm reading Breaking Dawn again and that's what I can bring.
Ya i agree kiki! they r all good!

Kiki-Licious..x3 said:
i like when shes like mmmm she does smell good.. dont worry were gona be best friends.. its ohkay jasper u wont hurt her.. or when shes planing the birthday party and she threatens bella.. its just too funny and it gets me laughin everytime. Or in the bedroom when there play fighting and Alice is like We thought you were having Bella for lunch so we thought we could come see if you would share.
wow all in all I love Alice
the lingures just too funny as well
I like it in Eclipse when when Bella doesn't want a wedding and Alice is like
Bella: That was not a yes!
Alice: I know, but it's going to be :D

And in Breaking Dawn
We'll play rock, paper, scissors
Edward: Why don't you just tell me who wins?
Alice: That's easy, me!

Hahahah Alice is so cute!
I just can't pick a favorite I love everything she says Hahahaha
I love it when Edward tells her "how can someone so small be so annoying". or something like that. I love love Alice. She is my fave character.

And i also like how she keeps bugging Edward to talk to Bella. I believe that is in Midnight Sun.
Alice has so many cute lines it's hard to pick out the best. In BD I like it when she sits next to Jacob and tells him she is tired of hanging out in the attic like a bat in the belfry. That was cute. But I guess my favorite is in MS, when at the famiy meeting after Edward saves Bella from being squished by the van she speaks to Edward in her mind and says: " You are so blind Edward. Can't you see where your heading? Can't you see where you already are? It's more inevitable than the sun rising in the east. See what I see........"

Another reason for MS to be finished and put to press.
she said that when they were voting on bellas mortaily




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