I swear Alice is the only one on the picture (Up there *Point up towards banner*) who even remotely looks happy? Lol i just noticed that :)

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I think she looks happy, because she is the only one who is happy with the way her life went....
Alice just saw a pretty butterfly, thats all.
Thats because she's always happy!
I feel the reason for Alice's outlook is that because of the situation which she was in at the time of her turning, she doesn't dwell on her lost human years. Alice is happy with what she has and in the fact that she has found her soul mate and has a loving family. She has all the things she needs to be happy. Whereas the rest all have their issues with what they are or issues in that they do not yet have a soul mate. Alice still has some issues with her past, but she has what she needs to be happy. Even when she is unhappy, it is for only a moment in time, not something that drags on for eons.
Your right. I never noticed that before. Alice is always happy. Jasper looks like he cant stand to be from her.
very very true they all look like they are wallowing or something. like they belong at a funeral...whoa creepy why so sad? weird.
i think alice carlslie esme and emmett look happy too
I HATE THAT CARTOON!! I really think that it looks like S**T! Sorry! I am glad though that Alice looks happy! :)




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