I swear Alice is the only one on the picture (Up there *Point up towards banner*) who even remotely looks happy? Lol i just noticed that :)

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i laughd everytime i saw jasper in the movie..his face was hilairous!!!! lol..but alice is soooo happy!!! i thought emmett would be like dat too..rosealie is a sorta b!tchie in the movie but i love her tooo
I can defiantly see that. I wonder why? Something to consider.
i never noticed it till just naw and i have that as a poster on my wall abuve my bed and i never noticed that. its true though she is the only one that looks happy.lol.
lol i never noticed that alice was the only one looking happy in the pic and yes i did want to laugh a bit when i first saw jaspers face he did look like he got kicked in the butt or something it was funny to me :)
Haha yeah, Jasper was hilarious when he first walked in during the cafeteria scene in the movie :)
but yeah I guess the fact that she is happy in the image, suits her personality... :)
That is so true, but Alice is the only one who is content with being a vampire.... But she is the coolist!!!!:)
hh yep :D like in the movie she is enjoying :D
I no alice is bright and bubbly and she is the only 1 and jessica watch ure mouth she shouldnt of said tht alice was the freaky weird 1 hump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She is, actually she kind of looks distracted. Maybe she is having a pleasant vision, or thinking of clothes.
lol yea cuz shes in her own lil world... dats her character... shes like a pixie vampire lol
LOL thats true!!
yeah but jasper kinda looks happy... right?
he kinda does
anyway he should have more lines




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