believe that the romance of rob and kris has only been to get more publicity?


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I hope that if it was real
I wonder that sometimes but I am hoping that they really do have feelings for one another & can make it work.
if thatz for publicity only well they made a great j0b..but if they really like each 0ther then what can i say.
I am wondering, and think maybe so....I don't want to speculate on their personal lives, but they don't seem to have a lot of lovey dovey stuff and chemistry together. I don't believe they would have started it themselves though if it is false. That would have been for the Studio to do and I put nothing past any of them....
While I'd love for Robsten to actually be a couple, I'm still not sure whether they are or not. They are actually oddly perfect for each other, but at the same time so wrong. They're so awkward in interviews - both mutter and stumble over their words so often. They never seem to know what to say or how to answer many questions, which is oddly charming, lol. There have been tons of pictures and videos of them "together", but many of the cast hang out together and that could be all it is.

Either way, I do think that they're keeping things a secret for the publicity - whether it's that they actually are together, or are not but many fans would just love to see the on-screen duo as a real-life couple. I suppose we'll have to wait until after the two BD movies come out to see if they'll actually fess up one way or another.




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