dont u think rob and kris should just be left alone? I mean if they want to go out then just let them

think about it. Wouldnt you feel really sad or angry if you were them and the people just wouldnt let you be with who ever you want to be with and without making a big thing about it?

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Exactly, i mean all this attention is not fair. I think if the paps were alittle less in your face they would have probably come out already. But Kristen stewart was right even if she answered the question it wouldn't stop or make their life any easier.
Who knows if a relationship can stand all this.... it's alot.
I actually agree...if they wanna date; let them. And leave them alone about it :)
Yea honestly they are people to they need to have privacy. If the paps were to back off a little they might be a little morw willing to let peopl know even just a little tib bit about the realationship. But what Kristen said is true to no matter if they answered it wouldnt make the paps back off they would read into every little gesture. I would honestly make their lives harder.
I'm really happy for them, that they seem to be really happy together. And they seem to bring out the best in each other. I understand why they haven't come out & made some sort of "announcement" that they're together. Think about it, it wouldn't solve anything. People who don't want them together would just say it's a PR stunt. They are both private people & neither enjoys the media attention in their private lives. I just wish them all the best, together or apart!
I agree like totaly! I mean Yea its not relly a big deal so watif they wanted to go out not really our business!!!! lol
Yes I think that the media and the reporters should just let them be. I would be totally stressed out and mad as can be at the amount of gossip and paparazzi that they have to contend with on a daily basis.




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