dont u just hate it when team jake gurls think that jake is better than edward and they're better than us?

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yes it sooo gets on my nerves! Lol I find myself getting all territorial & stuff
YES i do hate that!!!! they just like him becuz jake has muscles n stuff n so what?!?!?!?!?1 ugh
Team Edward foir life <3 I don't mind when some girls are for Jacob though. Everyone has their own preferance! But in my opinion Edward is soooo much better!
When they think they are better then us i completely hate it. yeah everyone is entitled to their opinion but come on you dont have to be so bitchy about. Bu twe know we are better. CUz who ends up with bella in the end..... Edward of course so obviosly we are the better team
Nicole Maria Cullen said:
yea. obviously Edward is better. Team Jacob girls are pretty annoying . they think they're better. Most of them only like him because of the actor that potrays him in the movie.
everytime i lay on a cold floor i just imagine im snuggling ith edward :)
i hatehow all these people are team jacob just because taylor went and got all beefed up. yea taylor lautner is hot i wont lie but if u actually read the books u would go for edward. jacob is soo annoying
jacob is a hairless shewolf,edward is a sexxy and poltie and im not going say any more he's my brother
Team edward all the way!! hello tall strong fast lives forever eternally hot! and he is a nice charecter




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