Oh C'MON! I hate those magazines.. Last week it was dating, on monday it was pregnancys and now it's "Robert dumps Kristen and is dating Emilie De Ravin."
Yeah, it would be nice to get those to to confirm all those gossips FOR REAL. Do you believe what those mags are telling us? Cause I'm not sure.


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And ; I donät think Rob would do that considering the upcoming films.. Plus I think Kris is still dating Michael.. Gosch these people drive me insane.
Yeah, well now there is that Kristen confirmed she's not pregnant but she didn't say anything about "the breakup". I just don't think Rob's that stupid. I would looove to stop reading tabloids but yeah.. Life&Style seems to be the biggest liar.
no i dont believe it i do believe that rob abd kris are going out.
magazines are driving me crazy! theyre saying rob and kris are dating then theyre saying robs told kristen to decide between him and her boyfriend then theyre saying robs dumped kristen when we dint even know if they were going out and i dont think krsitens dumped her boyfriend anyway! :@
yea right , i believe it when i c it . not just words but pictures . the only magazine i believe is people . but i want ROB & KRIS ! they r awesome together .
i dont know what to believe anymore
wouldnt u hate ppl lie about ur life i would think about it for xample u have ur bf/gf and then u get a tummy then they r saying ur pregnat i would hate it! i mean think about it!
ya know I don't believe the mags but because of the fans wanting everything they do to mean they are together it seems that they barely are around each other unless they have to be...at comiccon they didn't even sit together..n Kstew was with Taylor most of the time...If people left them alone it would be wonderful...I just hope it doesn't end up ruining their on screen chemistry...
I have to agree with you bwen,
Their private lives are private...& the "rag" mags are just that! Full of BS, putting anything Twilight related in there bc they know it will sell.
But, I do love seeing them happy together though.

bwen said:
After a lifetime of looking at tabloids in grocery store checkouts, NO I don't believe any of them once in a great while they may stumble on the truth.
When it comes down to it I'm very interested in Rob and Kristen's careers, but what they do in their private lives is their business and not public domain, we as fans do not have a right to know.
If THEY choose to share their private lives with us then I'm interested of course who wouldn't be. However these rags print these stories only have one thing in mind and that's $$$$$$$$ not journalism or the truth, they are sensationalists who like stirring the pot to sell more magazines.
Save your money!!!!
And personally if Rob and Kristen are together I think they make a great couple and seem to have a lot in common. Is Rob a womanizer jumping from leading lady to another, sorry I just don't see it!
i think rosten is a cute couple...
but i don't really believe in all the gossips,
until they get confirmed...




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