Did anyone see Victoria at the Prom gambling? Can anyone think of a good reason why Edward did not smell Victoria at the gambling table? I love themovie

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maybe he was to busy lookin at bella- but i see ur point how could he not see or smell or hear her? Weird haha
YAH i kind of thought about that a bit but i was saying how come alice didnt see this but she was too busy thinking about bella's dress or something ,an Edward well his thougths were all on bella looking fab in the pretty looking dress that alice picked out probly: )
I don't think they thought throw it that well,, they just wanted to remind us on that she still was there son we want to see new moon ;P.. but if your right I think it's because they were busy:L
they just add that scene.. and the production make a mistake about that one LOL.
I don't see why people read into mistakes so far, twilight has many flaws, like the fact that Edward clearly walks out into the sun with his cool sunglasses on. my brother always questions everything and picks all the mistakes out of films just to annoy me. i just don't question anything and enjoy the film :)
It had to be a mistake for reasons already mentioned. Alice would have seen her. Edward would have smelled her. Edward would have heard her. It's crazy they stuck her in the Prom scene. Edward should have heard her thoughts in the very last shot as well but I excuse this one more since it sets up the looming threat. But Victoria at the Prom was random. I bet lots of people don't even notice her which makes it more random. And more annoying to the hard core fans.
yeah i saw that! XD guess its another flaw of the film! but mayb he was too caught up with bella to notice!
I often questioned this scene and the first time I see it, I said "What the F--k?"... Because it was stupid. I know the movie makers were setting her up for New Moon... but still...




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