personally, I think Eclipse is the best so far. 
I was really satisfied when I exited from the movie. it's really awesome. 
but, of course, I have things I liked more and things I didn´t like at all: 

*LOVE the meadow. It was just so beautiful, and, for the first time, it looked REAL! loved it. 
*LOVE how Edward looked (duh, lol). He wasn't over made up. he looked very hot *-* 
*LOVE the tent scene. they made it just like I amagied it. it was awesome! 
*LOVE all the BELLA&EDWARD'S moments. they're so romantic and touching <3 

that's all for the things I liked. (of course there's more. I just don't want to bore you with the whole list, lol). and now, for the hate: 

*HATE when Bella left Edward and went to ride with Jacob in the parking lot! that was so mean!!! 
and Bella would never do that! 
*HATE the all BELLA&JACOB'S moments. that was just worng! (as you can see, I'm team Edward :P) 
*HATE how they made Bella. i don't know... I felt like that David is team Jacob. it looked like she likes Jacob MORE than Edward! 

well, that's all, I guess. all the things that I hated are sort of specific (they are all concentrating on Jacob, lol).

I'll really like to read yours :)) 


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I agree with you! it could be very sweet!
there are a lots of quotes that I wish they were in the movie. (most of them are Edward's - LOL!)

Alice Jasper Bella Cullen said:
I wish that Edward would say to Bella "i wont hurt you..its ok" after he killed would of made it a bit better i think!!!
I liked the movie a lot except for the parts with jacob where in it. I also didn't like the part where bella hops on the back of jacob's motorcycle with edward there. EDWARD WOULD HAVE NEVER LET HER GO WITH THAT MUTT IN THE FIRST PLACE!
If i affended some jacob fans i'm sorry but that's the TEAM EDWARD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there, I share all your likes and dislikes in Eclipse too.
Love all the scenes with Edward and wish there were more. My heart went out for him in the tent scene when he looked helplessly at Bella's trembling and the pain in his eyes to have to allow the mutt to warm her up. Sob..sob
Hate all the scenes concerning the mutt especially
1. the annoying smirk on it's face in the parking lot
2. the line "I'm hotter than you"
3. Bella leaving Edward at the parking lot
4. Bella shouting at Edward for talking about the marriage within the mutt's earshot.
I loved all the Edward&Bella moments (proposal scene is my favorite scene ever )
the final battle ( mayby too short but so great)
the Charlie&Bella moments lol

I hate :
TOO MUCH JACOB oh my god it was so boring " I love you, i can't give you more than him..." really ? just shut up Jake ok .
The parking lot scene ( funny in the book , absurde in the movie. Never Bella would have done that to Edward )
All the moment when edward is in pain
Jacob&bella it sucks .

But I really enjoyed the face punch . Pity he doesn't feel anything .
Loved: The kiss between Alice and Jasper
Loved: Jasper and Rosalie's backstories
Loved: The Cullens chasing Victoria along with the wolves
Loved: The fight sequence between vamps and wolves
Loved: The meadow scenes.
Loved: The training scenes

Hated: That the tent scene was missing the spat between Edward and Jacob when Bella woke the morning of the battle
Hated: The fact that Bella riding off with Jacob happened in front of Edward, though it didn't in the book.
Hated: That Edward didn't get to say some of the better lines of dialogue he had in the book.
Hated: That Emmett didn't get to have more lines, despite his increased screen time at certain points.




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