I guess you all think that Edward is the perfect guy if you're a memmber of this group, 
but what do you like the most about him? 
Is it his maturity? his commitment? or maybe it's just his beauty? 

Write below and we'll find out what is the thing about Edward Cullen that makes us going crazy :) 

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What I love about Edward is that he's such a gentleman and just SOO beautiful!!!!!
LOL, I think you said everything :D

Bella Cullen said:
Its everything about him! His devotion how lovely he is, how polite, sweet, caring, patient, how much of a gentleman he is, How his is committed to Bella and her only, and how he'd do anything to keep her safe and happy. He's Gorgeous too :) I love everything about him!
i know this sounds like a cop out BUT what i LOVE about edward the most IS EVERY THING there is not 1 wrong thing about OUR EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, can't argue with that :D
He is very mysterious and he really loves Bella even if many vampires hate her...................
Absolutely everything!!! He is the seemingly perfect man. Hot as hell, Shy, Charming, Sensitive, Caring, Strong & Fast. He is 100% devoted to Bella & to her alone (this quality alone is rare enough). He's romantic, chaste & a gentleman. What else can I say but he could bite me anytime day or night (lol)!!!
I agree %100 with VlooitjieSwart but what i love is how he hates himself for being in love because he knows that its bad for him..i just think its that extra special that Stephanie Myer dreamed about vampires!! i cant think of any creature better!
His commitment to Bella and his protectiveness of her & his family.
He is tender and a gentleman. He is SO beatiful, gorgeous
and breathtaking. He is so caring, sweet, shy,charming, sensitive, protective
strong and fast and SO romantic!! :D

That's why I love Edward Cullen.

I love EVERYTHING about Edward. :DD

i really like edward and what i like most of HIm?

( he drives a nova, i love old muscle cars)

( he has the greatest smile, and eyes!!! )

I like the fact that Edward still has his morals and values even though he is a vampire(And even though Bella is trying to steal that away from him)If she really loved him,she would respect his values and beliefs and quit trying make him turn against them.I like that Edward has integrity and does his best to fight his lusts in order to be more humane
i love everything about edward. his smile  his beauty and his kindness. he is one of the smartest people i know. i have never in my life and i have had a long life met a man that is like him. maybe if i had i would still be married. he thinks only of bella instead of himself. so generous and polite.he does everything to not hurt bella or to let her get hurt. that is so sweet. a gentleman and still gorgeous. you dont get that everyday.




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