What do you think about all the Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen wannabe's?

Tell what you think about all the guys that got their hair done the same way that robert pattinson has his in twilight saga? I think it is really funny. I couldn't help but think about R.P when i was watching a episode of Ugly betty and the guy betty fell for had a hair cut just like R.P. LOL. I thought wow....what a wanna be. But he can't pull it off like R.P does. So again tell me what you think.

no one can do it better than him =D

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I think it's awesome! I mean, sadly, i dont think I'll ever get to have the real thing, so why not have second best! And I've seen some good imitations.
well if you put it that way...i do agree with you guys. I just think that all the celebs trying to pull it off is pretty funny. somework out well and some don't..
This is awesome picture of Edward, no wonder we love him aka RP....
hi to all! i think its cool!i like then boys do it with they hair! It does features by more courageous!
P.S. sorry for my english!
Eveybodes right who would ever replace him NOW kristen stewert i can see them replacing her
I tend to get a laugh out of some of them because I have seen some that were trying to be like him but were so far off it was unreal.




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