Just as the title suggests. Why do you like Edward? Is he better than Jacob?

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Edward is the epiphany of THE PERECT GUY! It's too bad all guys can't be Edwards...Mostly- i love Edward because Bella means more to him than anything in the entire world "More than his own life" =) Every girl wants that.
And Edward's mostly better than Jacob because-if Bella would move on he would try to leave her to her life- but Jacob is constantly causing a struggle because he won't just back off when he knows Bella wants to be with Edward...EVEN WHEN SHE'S MARRIED! XD Edwards better =) <3
umm... wat isnt there to love about him?!?!?!
he is the ideal guy for everyone....
okay but seriously now... umm...
there is one reason i love him and know that is better then jacob
and that is because edward wants bella happy and save, even if that means that he cant be in the pic anymore, he is willing to have bella kick it with jacob even if he really doesnt like it, he is always but always wants bella to be happy.. and i think that if someone really loves you, they will want you to be happy no matter wat....
He's the ideal image of the "perfect guy". He's just got something or in most cases EVERYTHING of which girls dream of and look for in their ideal guy.

And for a bonus he's a vampire, lives forever. What else can a girl ask for? XD
Wow what a question!
I love Edward because he is actually perfect in every way:
He's a gentleman
He's loving
He's protective (but not too much)
He's romantic
He's selfless
He's talented
He's HOT
He's RICH (not that that matters very much but it is a major plus point!)
He's big, strong, super fast, sexy Vampire! Now that is a REAL turn on!

Nids xx

(I Have EDD)
Edward is just the PERFECT GUY that every girl wants!!!Edward is just uhhh...how should i put this...AMAZING!!!!lol...EVERY girl wants a guy like him...and if someone doesnt want that then they are just CRAZY!!!Edward is just the best and he is better than Jacob by far!!
seriously, when the movie first shows him walk into the lunch room, he soooo takes my breath away!!!...and its just nice to see a boy be such a gentleman....no boy acts like that these days!!lol
because he's so chivalrous and protective and honest about his love for her ... a lot of guys aren't like that nowadays :(
1. He is drop dead gorgeous (rpattz is sooo cutee)
2. He plays piano
3. He dazzles
4. He sparkles
5. He is just downright amazing at everything

the list could go on but i'll stop at 5 :L


Edward is THE perfect guy romantic sweet, protective who wouldnt want that mostly because he loves bella with everything he's got she means more to him than the world. *swoon* plus he's gougous!!!
p.s you can kind of tell i love edward but i will just say it anyway
Of course he is better than Jacob!

He is just perfect in every way

and i would easily fall for a guy who wrote a lullaby for me :D

i love the piano, as i play it myself, and i know what it would mean to me as a pianist to write a song for someone or have one written about me.

but there are just so many other things i love about him too

i dont think he is 'better' but hes definatley more? if you know wot i mean.
hes hotter
yeah, hes better. I think hes just the perfect guy,. like i used to think noses were weird? after reading twilight and the h*** nose over her jawbone, ohh hes just such a darn nice guy!

To me, the looks and the perfect feature of Edward is just partially why I would love him very much. But most of the time, it's the love he had for Bella that really made me stop to wonder for a moment about why I love him so much - even when he's just a fictional character. When I look at Edward's love towards Bella, I don't just see him loving her, but also see him as someone who is willing to let go of anything or everything for her.

Like the incident with Jacob, he knew that if he didn't leave, then Bella wouldn't have anything to do with Jacob except for the fact that he's Billy, Charlie's best friend's son. But since what happened has already happened, he decided that he could trust Bella on being around Jacob. So the matter here is that, when Edward sees Jacob, he doesn't just see an immature kid who's trying to steal the love of his life away from him, (not to forget hearing his thoughts too). But when he looks at Jacob, he sees the reflection of Bella and what Jacob has done for Bella while he was gone. He's willing to act as though Jacob does not wish that he would fade away from Bella's life and instead, let Bella spend time with Jacob and such. Because he knows that if Bella chose the other way, it would be best for her. And he would want that.

As to the question about whether Edward is better than Jacob. I'd say DUH, yes of course he is. And he is so much better in so many ways. I'm sure there are so much to list, but well, yeah, you all know the story. ;D

Okay, and yeah. Sorry for the big picture. It says there I can add a photo. So I was like, WHY NOT?! [:

Team Eddy <3




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