what do you think about the fact that Jacob imprinted on nessie?

Do you think there should be a book describing what happens to Renesmee and Jacob...

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I think its cool because he doesn't look at her with attrcation, he looks at her like his little sister

And I would love to see what would happen to them...
i think jacob and leah would have made a cute couple.....i mean she wasnt always mean. all she needs is a little love.
Yes I do. Jacob is an endearing character. I also wish there was something focussing on Jacob's Friends
i think that jacob and nessie are cute together (though i would want him with me)
and yes i do think that thare should b a book on them it would b so cute
i think there should be one. im actually writing one if you want to read it. im ally
i think jacob should have imprinted on leah they both have had their hearts broken and are both rejects. they at first hate eachother but then arevery close and leah talks to jacob about the about um her girliness he wud be perfect to imprint on her they are perfect for eachother
They are very cute together. They connect very well, and they are just so suitable for each other.
I really think there should be a book about them. It would be interesting to read what happens to them both when Nessie grows older.
Yeahh.... Of course it should be. And I dont want Twilight Saga ever ended. If there is a book about Jake and Nessi then followed by other events at which readers will want to get a response and then will be another book and so forth and etc. Yay, it sounds cool:]




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