[Ow my hell!!! I can’t wait to get away from this….this……loser. It’s only been 10 minutes and it feels like hours.]

Kristy is on a blind date, her brother was the one who set this up. In less than 2 minutes she wanted to leave. His name is Leo. He is a complete slob, greasy brown hair, weighs about 240 pounds, almost 6 feet tall. His face wasn’t bad looking, but not sexy at all. The way he talks is like he is so FULL of s*** in his head. He reminds her of Cynthia’s x-boyfriend Edwin.   She is trying her best not to be rude but he is just asking for it. She is surprised that she remembers his name.

[Where the f*** is the waiter? I wish I order soup so I can spill it on me so I can leave faster. I have NO f****** CLUE on what he is talking about. I’ll just sit here and smile.]

She was looking around the room and watch other people dine. If she didn’t she might fall asleep. She noticed that he was starting to fidget in his chair. Like he was holding something back. Once she realized what he was holding back she quickly look away. 

[Holly S***!!! I think he is trying not to fart. I guess I am right, he is FULL of S***!!}

She tried her best not to laugh at him. She looked to her left and saw the waiter coming towards them. Then she heard   http://instantsfun.es/cuek . It almost sounded like a duck dying.

[WTF????? Oh my F****** GOD!!! No did he just to that!!!!]


“What the f*** was that??? Did you just f****** fart?” she says out loud surprised.

His face went bright red and said, “No I did not, your very rude to be asking that. Why would you think I would do such a thing?”

“Well first off the way you are sitting on your chair, like you were holding something back under your ass. And the sound and smell is coming from your end. That’s why.”  She said.

[Now his face is a deep purple. He was embarrassed and angry. Now he looked like he was taking a dump right there.]

“Uuuuumm I am sorry…….(chuckles). What were you talking about? Before that sound?”

She was trying not to be so loud, for others to hear. There was a table right behind Leo. A woman and a man eating there dinner. Trying to mind there business. But that changed right away.  They knew what was wrong. A smell that was so nasty they grabbed there napkins to cover up there nose from that smell and covered their mouths, the smell was so bad that they could taste it in their mouths. The woman was starting to gag.

Once Kristy saw that she couldn’t hold back any more. She covers her face with her two hands so she couldn’t look that others people. If she did it would just make her laugh even harder.

[I can’t wait to call MJ and Cynthia about this s***.]

Leo gets up off his chair takes out, $100.00 dollars out and placed it on the table, grabs his coat and leaves without saying good bye.  

 Leo almost ran over the waiter on his way out.  Kristy is still laughing when the waiter goes to her table.

“I’m sorry your dinner took so long, is everything all right?” He asked as he put her plate down.

“Yes everything is wonderful now that my blind date left.” She said.

The smile on her face was so happy and joyful. Her waiter noticed right away. She looks right up to him and saw a very handsome man that had the kindest eyes she has ever seen. He just stood there looking at her for a moment.  Kristy was a little but shy from the look on his face. He made her blush without saying anything else. She looks to her side and said. “Thank you for bringing my dinner….What’s your name? I forgot.”

“My name is Shawn”………..To be conutined.

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