*Clink Clink , Clink, Clink, Clink, Clink* (the sounds of Mel running to the club) “Holly s*** girl you don’t have to RUN. I want to tell you something. Get back here.” Said MJ.
“Oops, sorry.” Said Mel.
“ Last year I read an article in Muffie Magazine and there was an article asking men , “What is the most sexiest body part on a woman? What do you think is the highest one?” MJ asked.
“Tits? Cleavage? Big tits?” Said Mel.
“Ha ha ha!! NOPE! It’s her eyes.” Said MJ.
Mel is looking at her confused. “You’re telling me this because????”
“Because, I can feel your positive energy. When men see and feel that from a woman it gets there attention and they get turned on.”
“MJ I don’t know how to use my eyes on men. I get nervous.” Said Mel.
“I know, that is why I am telling you this. A woman with a stunning profile will never accidently give a man the “wrong” message with it. But men are going to notice your eyes and imagine you’re giving messages with them even when you aren’t. Said MJ. “Wait here I will show you. I am going to walk to the street light and turn around towards you and watch me.”
MJ goes to the light and turns around and slowly walk back. Her eyes are to the ground, walking in a dreamy matter. When she neared Mel her eyes rose to meet hers for just a instant, and very quickly looked away. Mel felt an electric jolt; if she had been a man, she would have thought MJ had given herself over very briefly to strong feelings she was struggling to hide.
MJ stops in front of her and says, “See with your deep brown eyes, I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a man faint right here on the street.”
“Yeah right. MJ if I had the power to make a man faint, I’m sure I’d be aware of it by now.”
“Trust me, I know you can. I can feel it.”
There was a long line outside the front door. Mel stopped to the back of the line, but MJ walks pass the line. “MJ where are you going?”
“To the club! What are you doing? We are VIP MUFFIE!!! We don’t wait in line.” Said MJ. “When you see a good looking man, try to remember what I just showed you. I know you will make me proud.”
Hey Emmet! I would like to introduce you to my friend Mel. Mel this is Emmet . Mel says Hello Mel, Welcome to “Flipping Bean”. He gives her a wink.
“Do you know if Cyn, Kristy, Joko and Brandy are here?” Asked MJ.
“Yeah they just got here 15 minutes ago. Have fun ladies.” Said Emmet.
The doors open and the music is louder, their bodies can feel the base vibrating. In this large club there is a dance floor in the center of the room. Flashing lights, some changing colors. Mel remember what MJ told her to do. She starts looking around to see who was here. She noticed that some of the girls are dressed with almost nothing on. The club was packed.
“Take my hand I will lead to where we need to go. See to the right, the stairs going to the upper level. That is where we always go. It’s the VIP section.” Said MJ.
She takes her hand and starts to lead the way. When they got closer to the bar there where so many people bumping each other. It was hard for her to see who was there. But she saw that the VIP area has railing bars. So she could look down and get a better look from below.
There where almost to the stairs when she noticed two things at the same time. A man’s scent and a cold body that brushed against her left side. She tried to look around to see who it was but couldn’t.
They finally got to the steps. There was a man guarding the steps. He doesn’t say a word. He grabs the end of the velvet red rope so they can go up.
It was a large area for a VIP spot. Four couches, one bar, small dance floor and a game of pool. Cyn was standing next to the bar with her man Shawn. It looked like they were slow dancing. Kristy was sitting on top of Shawn’s lap kissing him. Joko was playing a game of pool with Brandy.
“BITCHES!!!! What’s UP!!!!” Yelled MJ.
All the ladies turned to see Mel and MJ at the top of the steps. Cyn and Kristy leave there men alone and walked towards them to give each other hugs.
“WOW!!!! Mel you look amazing!” Kristy and Cyn say at the same time. Even though the room was dark you could still see her blushing. “Thanks!”
Brandy and Joko stop playing pool to join them. When Joko sees Mel her jaw hit the ground. She was speechless. MJ gets some wine for her and Mel to drink while they go to the balcony and watch who was there.
“So who do you think is cute?” Asked MJ.
“Uuuummm like 50 men. I lost count. Ha ha ha ha!
After she said that she noticed a good looking man staring right at her. She takes a quick look at him then looks down to the floor. She slowly looks towards him to see if he was still staring at her. Yup! He was still staring. MJ noticed Mel looking down.
“Who is the guy? What is he wearing?” Asked MJ.
“To our right, he is leaning against the wall. He has dark brown hair, light color eyes, like almost gold. He is wearing a dark blue button shirt and jeans. Is he still staring?”
“Hell yeah he is! The expression on his face is priceless, so god damn f****** sexy. I’ve never seen him here before.” Said MJ.
“HELL Yeah!!! This is my song!” Said MJ. “Ladies you don’t have a choice come with me to the dance floor and join me on this one. “
As they are going down the stairs Mel could feel that man’s eyes on her. She didn’t know what to do so she goes to MJ and says. “I think he is still staring at me. Is he?”
“Uummm, Yeah! S*** girl I’ll give you Hell a credit. We have only been here 10 minutes and you got him hooked on you. Don’t be shy, if you want to know more about him look back at him. Let your eyes tell him that you want him to man up and ask your name. I know you can do that. “Said MJ.
They all gather up together on the center of the dance floor and danced to the song. She can feel his eyes looking at her. She couldn’t take it anymore; she wanted to look at him. She turns around to see him but he was no longer against the wall. She turns around and continue to dance with her friends. When the song ended she was on her way back up to the VIP. She felt some one was right behind her, cold.
“Excuse me, (he taps her right shoulder, his fingers felt cold), I have a question to ask. I hope you don’t mind but what is your name? My name is Edward………. To be continued….

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'mine is edward..... and i wanna bend you over that bar stool and have my way with you ... lmfao




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