Honk, HONK!

The front door opened it is Mel. “Bye momma MJ is hear, Love you!” She closes the door and got into MJ’s car.
“Where are we going? Why did you tell me not put on make-up and fix my hair?” Mel asked as MJ zooms out her neighborhood.
“We are going to a spa and get a massage. After that we are going to a salon and get our hair fixed, and nails and putting on make-up. It’s going to be FUN!!” Said MJ.
“Fun? How is that fun? Sitting on our ass doing nothing?” Said Mel.
“Relax…..K I know that doesn’t sound fun, but trust me. Let’s relax. I will tell you everything that I have planned. K”
Mel could tell by the sound of her voice that it has something to do with men. Every time she thinks about MJ and a man together. She remember the last time she saw MJ and a guy together. MJ had been dating a guy for 2 weeks his name is Jake. Mel had spent the night at MJ’s place. At 2:00 AM, Mel woke up and heard something……she tried to listen but didn’t hear anything. Mel closes her eyes and heard a loud noise.
*squeak, squeak.* Heavy breathing and whispers……. She knew who was making the noise. She grab 2 pillows over her head so she could not hear them go at it. It helped….a few minutes had passed and MJ shouted. “Ouch! Jake wait! WAIT!! “ Jake says out loud “Sorry what the f*** is happening? “ MJ said, “I think your piercing is caught with mine. STOP moving! God Damn it!!!” I’m trying not to. Let me move and you don’t move. “
“I think I got it.”
…………..”FUCK!” Jake said. “Get off me!! OUCH!! On the count of 3 you move to the left and I will move to the right. Ready?”
“Are you insane? HELL NO!!”
“What can we do? We are stuck........ MEL! HELP!” MJ yelled out loud.
“NO!!! Are you F****** kidding me? NO way she is going to see us like this.”
“What else can we do? Call 911? At least she can look closer than us. MEL!!!!”
She really did not want to see them but they needed some help. She gets up and walks to her bedroom door and says, “I’m here, before I come in, what is the problem?”
“Jake is on top of me and we both have piercing. We think they are caught together. We need you to look closer and tell us what you see. Please.” Said MJ.
“K I am going to enter now.” She opened the door and turns on the light, she kept her eyes to the floor till she was next to the bed. She looks up and sees the problem. The piercing are caught together because the hair from his nuts are so long it got tangled.
“OK I see what is wrong I need some scissors there is too much hair. I think once I trim the hairs you will no longer get stuck. She said.
“I have some scissors on my night stand.” Said MJ.
Jake told her to be very steady. She will.
*Snip Snip Snip* “there got it! Bye bye!” Mel ran back to the room where she was sleeping. She climbs into bed and takes the 2 pillows over her face to cover up her laughter.

They got a massage and a facial. After that MJ brought her to a hair salon. They each got a haircut, manicure, pedicure, and had a make-up artist putting on make-up. Mel didn’t need to wear much make up. She has a gold shimmer eye shadow, mascara, blush and red lip stick. Her hair was long with waves and shiny. When the stylist was done with her Mel looked in the mirror. MJ saw the look of Mel’s face, she looked surprised. She didn’t say a word….she was speechless.
“OK now it’s time to leave now and get new outfits for tonight! We are going to a club and meet up with 4 of our other friends. Cyn, Kristy, Joko and Brandy.” Said MJ
MJ parks the car and turns it off. “K we are here. But before we get out I have something to say. Let’s have some fun and sees who is here. When we walk in think to yourself that you are the hottest chick here. Walk with pride and strong. Men can see that right away just by walking into a room. So are you ready to see the fresh meat?”
“HELL yeah!!!! Let’s GO!! To be Continued………

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hahahaahh piercing get caught hahahahahahah




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