“Oh Hey! My name is Melissa but my friends call me Mel.” She brings out her right hand to shake his, but to her surprise he took a bow and took her hand towards his lips.  His hand
is cold and his lips too. Once his lips made contact with her skin he looks
right up to her with a beautiful smile. The way he looked was so hot, Sweet,
Romantic, and sexy all at the same time. Mel’s heart skipped a beat or two.

Edward stands up straight and was about to say something but instead he stepped over to her left, it looked like he was hiding from someone.  Holding her hand still he quickly goes to the stairs that leads   up to the VIP. Mel thought to herself,

“What is wrong?” She asked. Then she looked over her shoulder to see who he was hiding from. She didn’t see anyone, just a bunch of people drinking or dancing.

As soon as they got to the top he brings her towards the bar. He takes a look behind Mel to see if someone was coming. 

“I’m sorry; I have a confession to tell.  The reason why I’m here is because I agreed to a blind date. I lost a bet with a friend of mine. I told him that I needed to see what she looks like. I wanted to see a picture of her.  He doesn’t have one of her. Apparently no one
does. So I had to deal with no pic, I did lose the bet.  So I asked what she will be wearing so I
could find her. He said she will be wearing tight leather, short dress.  While I was waiting by the Bar, you walked in
with this nice black dress and deep red lips.

 As soon as I saw you, I took one step towards you; I thought you are my blind date. Before I took a 2nd step a woman blocked my path. She was wearing a leather black dress 5 times
way too small for her. She looked like a black garbage bag that is about to
burst any second. “Hefty, Hefty.” Now I know why no one has a picture of her.   

She asked me if my name is Edward.  I told her my name was Bob. She said, “Nice to meet you Bob, mine name is Donna.  Would you like to dance with me?” I told her maybe later. I saw you walking towards me. Your friend took your hand and
started to lead to the VIP. I tried to escape Donna but she just kept on
blocking me and talking about s*** I could care less. I had to ditch her fast
Thank god there are a lot of people here. I hope she will leave me alone.” Said

“I know who she is.” Said Mel.

“Where did you meet her?” asked Edward.

“Here. This club is her hunting area. She and I never talked to each other. But there is at least 10 men complain about her. From my understanding she loves to have attention from any man. Once she gets a hold of
a guy she makes his life unbearable to live. So he moves out of the country.”

“Wow……. That’s scary. I am glad I ran.” Said Edward.

“Me too.” Said Mel.


“I like this song, would you like to dance with me? No one else is here we have the floor to ourselves.” Said Edward.

“Yes I would like to dance with you.” Said Mel.

They go to the small dance floor in VIP.  They were facing each other face to face while moving to the sound of the song. Each movement
brought their body’s closer to each other. 
She can feel his strong body rubbing against her.  She could smell his scent  and he was still cold. Slowly he moved to the
back of her. He placed his hands on the side of her hips and brings her hips
closer to him. She wanted to have him closer. He takes his right hand and moves
her hair off her right shoulder. He brings his lips close to the base of her
neck but doesn’t kiss her neck. His cold breath gave her goose bumps. She
wanted his lips on her.

She says. “Damn stop teasing me!! Kiss me.”

He listened to her, He kissed her neck.

Words can’t describe how she feels like right now… She turns around and looks into his eyes. He slowly moves his right hand to touch her cheek.  She knew what was going to happen next…….To
be Continue………

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Ooops!!! I forgot to add a link to the song.....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0CGsw6h60k

 you and your damn to be contiuned crap :P .... LOve It!



NOOOOOO!!!! why did u stop?? XD im gonna die! love this one ..this is my fav part indeed! *sighs*




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