Shweta lying down blind folded with Edward naked hovering over her. His lips are kissing her neck. Isft walks in and closes the curtains. “Edward could you explain what your doing to Shweta and why does she have the tape measurements wrapped over her eyes? Shweta did you forget that your working right now?” Isft asked. Edward unties the tape and helps Shweta get off the floor.

“Its not my fault, Edward was showing me a way to do measurements with out the tape measure.” Said Shweta. Everyone in the room can hear everything. They all started to laugh hard again. Isft opens the curtains and is holding a black lace bra and Edwards pants and belt. MJ takes the Bra. MJ is waiting for him to come out. He can out with out pants. His button shirt barley covered his Diamond Batt and Balls.

MJ says, “Well Edward since you got all of us waiting for you. You have to put this bra on over your shirt. Till I tell you to take it off.” “Jessie if you need any help with anything you need. Edward is your slave right now.”

“OK Joko please go fish for the next one, Please.” Said Cynthia. A hour pass and they found there next man. He is number 169 and name is Jasper. They saw some of his photos and liked what they see. “Jasper do you have a special talent? A talent that others cant do??” asked Cynthia.

“Yes I do.” he said. “Well what is it?” asked MJ. He smiles and says, “I can change peoples emotions.” WTF??? All 3 of them said out loud. “Show us what you mean.” Said MJ. “Are you sure you want me to??” he said with caution. “YES!!!!” All of the ladies say out loud at the same time.

Jasper smiles big. Edward was a cross the room and said. “Oh CRAP! I need to make a call real quick.” He gets up and leaves the room. Before any of them can say anything. They see that Jasper is looking at the 3 men, Paul, Sam, and Jake sitting on the bench. Emery is in with Shweta. Jessie is taking the photos of Emmet.

“Emmet can you tell me why you got a hard on right now?” asked Jessie. WTF??? as Emmet looks down he is shocked too. “I don't know??” he said out loud. Then covers himself and runs to the men's restroom. Jake, Sam and Paul saw Emmet and started to laugh, until they noticed that they too are getting there hard on under there shorts. They start to freak out, because they are so close next to each other and there hard on almost touched each other. SO they try to get up and not touch each other at the same time. They wanted to run away from each other but the space was too small and there Dicks kept touching. It looked like a game of bumper cars. All the ladies where just laughing so hard after that it was hard to breath. When all of the men finally left the room, MJ turns to Jasper and says “Your hired!!!”

The door opens and some one is about to enter.........To be continued.....

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