Mel can feel her heart beat hard and faster than normal. Their eyes are locked, staring at each other. Slowly, she moves her head towards him. She takes her tong out to lick the bottom of her lips. She saw Edward do the same thing. Wetting his lips. That made her bite down on her lip. Mel moved her right hand to his cheek. Then she takes a deep breath……then exhaled.

Edward can feel the heat from her touch and her breath brush against his face. Her smell was amazing.

She takes her hand to the back of his neck, she couldn’t wait for his lips anymore. She gets a good hold of his neck and pulls him towards her.  Softly they kissed, he leaned in slowly and kissed her again, soft and tender. She kissed him back. She parted her lips when Edward wrapped his arms around her body. Bringing her closer to him. Her breathing was getting heavy wanting him even closer, wrapping both of her hands around his neck. She had to take a breath, so she stretched her neck up and away from him.

Edward noticed her neck right away, he didn’t want to stop moving his lips. So he brought his lips down her neck. His kiss was more urgent than before. She was getting really excited, feeling all of the emotions that she has never had before all at the same time.  She could die right now and she would be happy.

She takes her breath and went back to his lips. Then Edward said, “Uuuuummmmm, there are 6 people watching us right now.”

She knew who he was talking about. She didn’t want to stop but had to see what he sees. MJ, Cynthia, Kristy, Joko where standing there next to the stairs. They looked like they were watching a HOT passion moment in a romantic movie.  As soon as Mel saw MJ’s face she could tell that MJ was so PROUD of her! Like a mother being proud of her child.

“I’m sorry to bother you two but guess what! I saw Donna and I knew she was looking for her date named Edward. So I told her, “Yeah I do know him. He is upstairs, Lets go and see if he is still up there.”  You two didn’t see us because you were lip locked. She didn’t say anything, but I could feel the heat coming off her body. Like boiling tea kettle whistle.  She book it out of here in less  than 2 seconds. I think she will never come back here again.

Everyone started to laugh loud. So loud that you couldn’t hear the music.

Edward said, “Damn!!!! I am so great full you saved me MJ.”

“Your both welcome. Well you two have fun we are going back down to dance. Edward can I talk to you for a sec?”  said MJ.  Edward looks are her confused, so did everyone else.

“Ok what do you want to talk about?” He asked.

“Come over here for a sec, Mel stay!!”  Mel is confused. But she didn’t move.

Edward goes to MJ. MJ whispers something in his ear. No one can hear her talking.

After a few seconds passed, Edward had a smile on his face. He said, “Thanks.”

Edward goes back to Mel. And everyone else went down stairs. Mel asked him,  what did she tell him. He said, “She gave me a key to Muffie Tower Hotel, room number 500. The room is already paid for.  So do you want to go there so we can do whatever all night long? Just you and me.”


Mel doesn’t say anything. She takes a hold of his hand, leading the way out. Less than 3 seconds.

“I take it is a YES!!!!”  







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woop! MJ I think you should get a guy for me too in the next part of the becoming horny xDDD
OH NO!!!! What have I done???? SCORE FOR MJ!!!!!!!!!! She got her to FINALLY say she is HORNY!!!!!!!!!! LOL
muffie power  hotel ... i love it ... haha it great and that woulnd perfect if it was reall i wud love to see the look on that sluts face ..lmfao !!!!!


Mj i thought you knew im a horny lil teenager LMFAO

MJ-Muff (`) StoryTeller said:
OH NO!!!! What have I done???? SCORE FOR MJ!!!!!!!!!! She got her to FINALLY say she is HORNY!!!!!!!!!! LOL




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