The door opens and some one is about to's Fru. She was pulling a rack of clothes behind her. Emmet, Edward, Paul, Sam, Jake and Embry was behind the rack. And Mel at the very end.

“Why are the guys leaving?” asked Fru. “We can hear all of you laughing loud. What are we missing??” asked Mel.

“We will tell you the reason why after we are done.” Said Jessie. As she is holding her camera looking through the lends at Emmets package. Wondering to her self if he is still hard. She cant get over the thought of how HUGE he is.

“Sorry that we are late it's Mel's fault. On our way here she saw Larry walking with his new girlfriend. She made me turn around so she could B**** at Larry. She is still mad at him. So we turn around and she yells out the window “TALLY Wacker Larry!! I was laughing so hard I almost hit the curb. I had to stop. So Tally Wacker Larry's new girl friend comes charging towards us. So Mel gets out and tells her to mind her own f****** business. Then she starts calling Mel names. Then I was getting mad at her. I park the car and get out. I told her “Stop it now!! You have NO clue who your p****** off Shut the F*** up now!” Well she didn't. Now she starts calling me names and getting into my face. Mel noticed that she has Camel Toe. So Mel went to grab a bowl of tuna salad. So Mel says, “Shut up!!! You stupid ass camel toe b****!!” So Camel was about to say something but MEL shut her up by pouring the TUNA on top of her hair. Then Mel said, “WOW, now your complete, Your hair smells like your Camel TOE!!” She was SO pissed off!! but didn't say anything. Larry was laughing on the hot side walk and did nothing. So that is the reason why we where late." Said Fru.

“Damn it!!! I wanted to be there to have seen that b****!” said MJ. “Do you think she learned her lesson Mel?” “I think she hasn't yet. If she doesn't I will let you know.” Said Mel.

“K go talk with Shweta she gots your measurements.” Said Cynthia.

MJ told Joko to go and get the next man. When she comes back the EXPRESSION on her face was priceless. Happy, Excited and a little bit worried. She goes to them and says . “The next guy is Larry.....with his stinky B****. He wants to know if his girlfriend can come with him.” “NO she is not allowed to come here. In fact kicked the b**** out of the building.” Said Cynthia.

So Joko leaves and they can here Camel Toe b******* to Joko. All they can hear is “I dont give a S*** who you are. If you want my MAN You better listen to me F****** B****!!!!!”

At the same moment everyone gets up and went to see the camel toe!!!! Cynthia grabs her MEGA phone. MJ, Isft, Shweta, Cynthia, Mel, and Fru got up to join.. They leave the room and............... LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! To be Continued!!!!

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LMFAO ....I TOTALLY LOVERZ IT >.< ....thanx MJ for puting me in it ^.^
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT MJ! LMAO I CANT STOP LAUGHING! THE CAMEL TOE B****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LMAO!!
Lol Love it!!!




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