Silenty they go to the lobby. Not saying anything. The only sound they hear is Camel Toe say, “That's right B**** I am scaring the s*** out of you, leave now before I kick your ass.” . They see Joko's back, facing towards them. She didn't say anything because she knew her family is right behind her.

Camel's face is inches away from Joko face. She looked over Joko's right shoulder and see's MJ up front of the line. She steps to the right and walks towards MJ. She took 2 steps towards MJ, but stops when she see Isft, Cynthia, Shweta, Jessie, Fru and Mel behind MJ. She takes a step back as they form a circle around Camel. Including Joko.

Camel is about 5'3, about 190 pounds over weight. Brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing shorts 3 sizes too small. So her GUT is hanging over her shorts and a shirt that had a ugly yellow color, Maybe that is because of the Tuna. In her hair she still had some of the tuna in her hair. It looked like Ilike DeBals dressed her.

MJ takes one step towards her. Camel was about to talk but Cynthia got on the Mega Phone and said “QUIET!!! Don't say a WORD!!!” Camel Rolls her eyes back but doesn't say anything. MJ says. “ Well I guess you didn't hear Joko when she told you to leave. That was your first warning. That is not a good thing to do with us. Mel could you get her bag for me please.” Mel kicks Camel purse towards MJ's feet. MJ goes through it and says her home address out loud, her drivers license number, her social security number, and the place where she works. MJ puts everything back in her purse. “Now that we got some information on you, you better not do or say anything to us anymore if you know what is good for you. I know where you live. I WILL make YOUR life a Living HELL if you try to do anything to us. Get the F*** out of here if you know what is good for you. But before you leave Jessie lets take a Photo of her please.” Jessie steps up to take a few pics.

Camel Toe takes her bag calls out for Tally Wacker Larry. Joko says, “Your loser hero ran out of here as soon as you started barking.” Camel doesn't say anything and walks out to the doors but gets bumps into Ket who was bringing in supplies in for Rosie. Ket droped a large can of green hot massage oil. The can hit the floor and splashed all over Camel's face. Everyone started to laugh there ass off. Camel Toe SHREEKS out loud and stomps away.

The men can here the ladies laughing so they came out of hiding. Edward walks towards MJ and whispers to her ear. “MJ she is planing on coming back and try to destroy the show.” MJ stops laughing and smiles at Edward. “OW really??? Good I was hoping on that b**** wasn't done barking. JESSIE!!!!! Come here please.” said MJ. Jessie was telling Ket on what she missed. “Jessie I need to to go and the worst pic of the UGLY Camel toe, we are going to post her photo all over town saying LOOK OUT! WARNING there is a Gorilla Mask B**** that needs to get her ass back to the ZOO! Do not try to apprehend the SLUT or she will give you an STD just by looking at you. The best way is to Teaser the Monster. Then call this number 1-800-DIE SLUT!!!! Thank you!!!” Jessie is laughing the whole time. But writes down everything MJ told her.

“Thanks Jess! Ket! Where is Rosie?? I thought she was going to be here?” Asked MJ. “She was behind me but I think the monster mite of scared her off, no I see her coming.”said Ket. Rosie was having a problem trying to carry her massage table inside. “Emmet please help Rosie with her things please.” Said Cynthia. Rosie takes a look at Emmet and her jaw hit the floor. She picks it back up and enters the building. “WOW thanks for the help. Here, I got more things that need to be taken out.” She takes her hand into her purse and grabs her keys and tosses them to Emmet.

“MJ you have to tell me why I saw a green covered girl that smells like Tuna running out of here? She was b******* about you MJ.” MJ smiles big and says. “I will tell you all about it while we set up a massage table in my room. I want Edward to go to my room and help me relax, that B**** hit a nerve.”

Rosie looks over MJ's shoulder and sees Edward, and says “SHIT I missed a lot haven't I?” Don't worry I will tell you all about it. Cynthia and Isft I am going to my room for a lunch break I trust you both to choose 4 more men please. I am going to take Edward to my room and make me relax. Edward! Come to room 304 in about 15 minutes. Please” MJ takes her bag and leaves the room and Rosie is following behind her........

15 minutes pass......

Knock Knock! “Come in Edward. Its open” shouted MJ. Edward enters the room and sees MJ lying face down on top of the massage table naked with a white towel laying over her butt. MJ face is turned toward Edward as he is walking in her room. “I hope you have magic fingers to get some of my tension out of me.” Edward smiles and says. “I will do my best, I hope you don't mind my shirt is a little too big I will do better if I take it off. Do you mind??”

“NO I don't mind at all, as long as I get to watch you. If your pants are too big you can always take them off...... here let me help.” MJ reaches over to undue his belt....... TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!

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massage my ass.. his gunna root the tension outta you! hahahaa

IsFt* Suffer Twilightlitis*Muff* said:
massage my ass.. his gunna root the tension outta you! hahahaa
LMFAO....MJ u never seem to let us down.....this is epic =))
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!! COOL!!!!!!! THE number WORKS!!!!!! I dare anyone to call mand leave a message that the Camel toe has been spoted!!! LOL!!!




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