Edward grabs MJ's hands and stops her. “Uuummm, actually I do mind. Don't need to rush this. I know you had a rough day and I'll make sure you are taken cared for.” As he takes and adjusted his belt.

“Well that's good to hear, I like a man that is straight forward. Very well then please can you start on my shoulders. That is where I am more tenses.” MJ said.

Edward worked his magic COLD fingers all over her body. He touched all of the right spots to get MJ relaxed.

“Wow Edward here I am BUTT ass Naked and not once have you tried to please yourself with a look or touch. If I where you I'd be done by now.” Said MJ.

“I can control myself very well, I guess. Besides I saw what you did today with the Camel Toe, I wouldn't want to upset you or anything. I've seen many physical fights but the way you attack, it is such in a different scary way. It is very frightful to see that times by 9 different women.” Edward said. Hearing this made MJ's EGO go bigger. That turned her on just as much.

“How many fights have you seen? She asked.

“I think about a 100 of them. I don't remember all of them but the ones that stand out are the fights between two girls. Fighting over me.” Edward Chuckled.

“What really?? Two girls fighting over you? What did you do?? Cheat on them at the same time?” MJ asked.

“No. I'll tell you what happened. A few months ago. I enter a shoe store. I see two chicks by the register. At the same time they saw me. They ran up to me very fast. One is a red head and the other girl is a blond. The blond trip Red. Red hit the ground hard. Her face was the first thing that hit the floor. Surprised she didn't knock out. She got back up fast. Blond didn't look back to see if she was OK. So the blond got to me first. I showed what shoe I wanted to try. So she goes to the back to look for my size. Right behind her Red grabs her hair, pulls her down and jumped over her. Blond gets up to charge at Red. I can here them in the back throwing shoes at each other but missed and hit the wall. Then I heard “GIVE that box to me NOW!! said Blond. “YOU better back off right now or I will tell him about your SEX CLOWNS Obsession, HONK HONK!!!!” (MJ is laughing hard on the table) (Edward is trying to tell the story but he too is laughing.) “So I hear more shouting and more boxes of shoes going every where. I was having a good time hearing them fight. So I sat down and listened more. Then I hear, “SHUT UP!!!!! I hate you!!” Said the Red. “MAKE ME!!!!” said the blond. “FINE!!” Said Red. ….....”Wwwhat are you...EEEWW NO NO STOP (a muffled sound from the blond). “There that worked.” said Red. So I get up to see what she did. Blond was on the floor and Red on top of her. I see a string coming out of Blonds mouth. Red gets off of her and Blond spit out the USED tampon. The tampon was from Red. When I saw the tampon flying across the room I ran my ASS out of there QUICK!!!!!!! That's the end of that story.” Said Edward.

By this time MJ was laughing to hard she fell off the table. She was laughing hard for 20 minutes. “Ouch!!” said MJ. “What's wrong? Are you hurt?” he asked. “I am fine my stomach hurts from laughing too hard.” said MJ.

“I feel a lot better now!!!! Thanks for that story! I LOVE to laugh at gross, nasty stuff.” she told him. “Your welcome are you ready to go back down stairs?” he asked. "Hold on a sec I need to get my clothes back on."

MJ jumps off the table gets up and have the towel land on the floor. She walks across the room to get dressed. Edward is watching her. HE LIKES!!!!!!! To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bahahahahaha nice MJ;p
LOL TAMPON!!! ohhh mj your a classic...
BY the way the ROOTING won't happen till later. WOrk is before pleauser!! Yeah right who am I kidding thats a LIE!!!!! LMFAO!!!!
lol XD HAHAHAH i can imagine eddie...*drools* I LIKED IT! LUCKY U MJ!!




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