Hey everyone!! This is the Story of how the MUFFIEs began...............I hope you'll like it.

One day 3 women went and logged on to their computers. Then went to their favorite web site Twifans.com. This is the time that they have a chance to escape the human world and enter the Twilight World, not knowing that a new world would begin. This is the first story of the MUFFIES!!!!

On a Monday afternoon MJ30 Aka Maria logged on to Twifans.com, there she met 2 other women. There names are Emma and Mette. All three of them starting to chat with other, saying where they lived, how old they are, how much they all LOVE Twilight. During the conversation Mette said
Mette- I'm eating a muffie.
MJ and Emma where wondering what the Hell is a Muffie???
So they asked, "What is a Muffie?"
Mete-it's a danish. Why??? What did you think it was??
Mj-LOL Sorry I thought it was something else.
Emma- Me to, I was thinking about something else. LOL
Mette- What did you think it was? She asks again
MJ- LOL Uuummm. I was thinking it was a woman TUNA sandwich. LOL
Mette- LOL that's funny
Emma- LMAO!!!!!! So did I MJ.
Mj- My tuna tastes better with a just a dash of muffie on top. LOL
Emma- I like mine with custard on the side. LOL
They continued on with more jokes about there special muffies till they where laughing so hard they couldn't breath. And while they are chatting there were other people watching them and wondering to them selves "What the Hell is a MUFFIE???? and These chicks are crazy!!!

During there many joke MJ said “My Muffie can be preaty bad, sometimes I can stick out the whole room.”
Emma and Mette-LMAO!!!! That’s nasty MJ.
MJ- No that’s not nasty, It’s nasty if you breath it in you’ll die from my toxic gas.!!!!! LOL
Mette- Mj you should be called MJ-Muff!!
So MJ changes her name from MJ30 to MJ-Muff.
MJ- you should change your name to Mette MUFFLER!!!! LOL
MJ-You can be a car part!. LOL
So Mette changes her name to Metter Muffler.
Mette- Hey Emma you should change your name to EmMuff.
And so she does changes to EmMuff.
During there chat EmMuff said that we should have some special powers.
MJ-Muff – Yeah my MUFFIE POWER is my gas. If you are near me when I unleash my power you better have a gas mask of you will die from my Toxic Gas.
MJ- What’s your power EmMuf??
EmMuf- my special power is that I can crack nuts with mine - no matter what size.,.!! I also have a "bonus feature".,.=D.,. if you look into mine you can see into the future.,.lmao.,.!!! =D

All of them LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! They were laughing so hard, that they can’t breathe.
MJ- Mette what’s your power?
Mette- My special muff power is that I with me muff power can control people both physical and mentally.
MUFF POWER is a great because it is fun and games =:0

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LOVE the firs muff story Mjmuff =:0)
I sat and laughed quite wildly while I read the story. You are really good to describe, because it was like to be there the first muff night.
Love ya muffies. MUFF POWER.
i love you muffqueens
and i do remember going in one day and being like wth is a muffie and emmuff explained ever since I've been a muff myself lol
love you all muffs
great story Maria =)
Hey that sounds about like our lunchbox story hehehehehehe the only difference is you went with girls lol we went with boys hahahahaha so you guys should come join us in Team lunchbox
b.u.t.ful!! i know!!! at the beginning everyone is like WTF is a muff? but now it all comes clear for me!!! lol loved the story im your fan #1! haha
love the muff cycle mj
LONG LIVE THE QUEENS OF MUFFIE!!!!!!!! HAHAHA i wish i was cool enough to have muffie in my name :(
hahaha!i like it..
OMG GREAT STORY! now i know where i came from!!!!! XD

lmfao ^^  -giggle's- MUFF"S RULE!!!




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