At first,I was COMPLETELY anti-Jacob because of the manipulative way he tries to win Bellas heart.But,after careful analysis of the facts,I am Switzerland and have come to a new conclusion. Bella, whether she is diliberately trying to be or not, is the true villain of the Twilight Saga. And Edward and Jacob are her victims.

Like all villains,Bella is a master manipulator(Not Jacob as I originally thought). She leads Jacob on like a little puppy(no pun intended lol) when she knows shes going to choose Edward in the end. And she dangles her friendship with Jacob in front of Edwards face. It's cruel!!! And let's be honest. We all know its not JUST a friendship.In reality,it's an emotional affair.There are more ways to cheat than just physically.If you think about it,an emotional affair is worse. Atleast there is no REAL love behind a physical affair.I know she was emotionally vulnerable when Edward left and was looking for a shoulder to cry on.But,she pushes the boundaries of a casual friendship with Jacob way too far.She manipulates him by talking him into fixing the bikes.(I say "manipulates" because she knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she asked him to do it. She knew he was looking for any opportunity he could to spend time with her in order to get her to love him and she used that to her advantage.Even though she had no intention of returning those feelings.)This only fuels his ego and his determination to get her to fall in love with him.And YET,she wants him to quit trying to win her over!! I mean make up your friggin mind, Bella!!

Not to mention all the other people she manipulates to get her way-The Cullens and The Blacks. And she just keeps her mom,Charlie and her friends in the dark altogether. True,she is trying to keep them safe by hiding everything from them.But that's not her only reason. She also knows that if Charlie and Rene knew about what was going on, they would do everything in their parental rights to get her as far away from that life as possible.

Also,Unlike other vampire stories in which the vampire is trying to corrupt the human, BELLA is trying to corrupt Edward by making him go against everything he believes in and everything the Cullens stand for by seducing him to sleep with her before marriage and turn her into a vampire.(These are the very values that prove to Bella that Edward still has a soul and she is asking him to abandon them. She even admits to doing this at one point in the story)So,as I said,whether Bella is diliberately trying to be the villain or not, she has all the charactor traits OF a villain.Including manipulation and corruption.Yes,shes only human.But,do all villians have to be SUPER human?Even humans can be selfish and manipulative.It doesnt justify it

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