Spill the details of why you think that_____________ is the best book!

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new moons hands down just bc it shows what you go through to lose someone that u love so much and yet u try to forget them as hard a possible and even if u dont no whats going to happen u still with risk ur life to save theirs and it also shows how u can grow from that loss to as hard as it might be but its a necessity to do thats y new moon is the best then breaking dawn
My fav is Twilight 'cuz it's d first and I didn't know what to expect.
the best book to me is eclipse because in it edward tried so hard to protect her and prove he wont leave again and she just is being ready to give her whole life and jacob for him because she loves him so so much and cant be without him ...the whole delimma is just amazing how they love each other :)
o.k. some PPL say that they hate Breaking Dawn...4 what ever reason ..but I have to say that Breaking Dawn is My fave!!! I LOVE IT!!!!first it has Edward and Bella getting married....that truns out well...then it has Bella getting pregnant...which is SOMETHING that Edward WANTED...but then gets scared becasue he didn't think they could do that....then it's like the werewolfs and vampires become close allies...then Bella has the baby and the only to save her is to make her avampire and Edward asks Jacobs premission and then Jacob Imprinted on Edward and Bellas Baby and then Bella trys to kill him...and Edward is enjoying it WAY to much...then everything goes crazy because Irina see renesmee and thinks it's a immortal child and then the volturi are coming and Alice runs away (only to find something see can't see)...then Bella finds out what her Reall powers are and the fight seen and ...then the happy ending....and then Edward really gets to "see" into bellas mind...I JUST love this book....




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