I heard that Stephenie was bored of hearing fans asking for Midnight Sun but I read the first chapters on her website and I was literally fascinated by the feelings, the emotions of Edward, the way she described his difficulties to resist to Bella.
This book must be!!! My dream is to read the 4 books with the point of view of Edward because SM wrote the beginning of Midnight Sun so well that I sometimes felt like I was a vampire, not really a human but not a monster... Hope she will feel the desire to continue writing it...

Many rumors told that SM is writing Midnight Sun again, others told that she will write the 4 books with Edward's point of view, others told that she won't write anything more about the Twilight Saga. Have you find some true, real information that we can share? I'm from Belgium and it's difficult for us to have right information.
Thanks for your help and again thanks Stephenie.

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like i said just go to her web and it will explain everything
She usually post stuff like that on her website: www.stephaniemeyer.com, but last i knew she was really upset that the first chapters of midnight sun were released so she stopped writing and hasn't decided whether to continue or not.
If you read well on the website, she explains that she will continue and edit Midnight Sun but also that we must be patient. Let's hope that's true...

Again thank for the information Dani ;o)




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