So the other day I was just surfing the web and i found these funny saying about twilight. I also found quotes from the movie. So what are some funny sayings that you found or just made up it can be something like when you go pack you never go back things like that. Or you can write in your favorite quotes from any of the movies like so the lion fell in love with the lamb Edward said that in Twilight they can be both from the books or the movies. So whats yours???

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A cute saying that I found is Warning I drive like a Cullen and it was on a liscense plate like an edging or a cover whatever it was hilarious!!!
Here's a funny saying: My husband told me that I had to choose between him or twilight. Sometimes I miss him!!! LOL
Obsessive Cullen Disorder
Edward can bust my headboard, bite my pillows, and give me bruises all over my body anyday!!!
Here's a quote(book):
Breaking Dawn Part One Bella speaking:
Why am I covered in feathers???
Quote (book)
Breaking Dawn Part 3 Bella Speaking:
Oh well I guess that my brain will never work right at least I'm pretty.
Okay so I saw on a button or pin thing it read:
Okay so avada kedavra just turns you into a sexy sparkly vampire nice plan voldy!!!
Team Cedward!!!

My fav. quote is what Alice said to bella the first time they met.




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