Hey got a favorite moment with Edward Cullen in it and dieing to spill? Let it out here.

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i cant really tell my favorite edward cullen moment... so ill count down... these are all my faves

in eclipse jake and edward think bella is asleep in the tent while jake is warming her up and edward and jake have this truse going on only till the morning. they were talking and bella was listning.

another in eclipse is when bella finally aggreed to marry edward. it was so nice i loved it

another is in new moon when bella finaly is with edward again. i almost cryed cuz i was so happy reading that

another is in breaking dawn when bella gave birth to renesmee and bit her... edward was like teaching renesmee manners there and i loved it...

in twilight edward is there to save bella from james.

and i think my most favorite is in breaking dawn when bella edward and renesmee got back to the cottage, and edward read bellas mind for the first time ever and i almost died of awe...

these are my fave edward bella (and jake) moments... well fave moments with edward with them in it
My fav Edward moment was in the book Eclipse, when bella sneaks over to la Push to c Jacob and when she gets home edward is in her room all sexy and *mad*! :) I love when he growls! Hot!
me team is team cullen
maddi cullen that iz a good one i loved that part lolz
my all time favorite is when Edward saves Bella from the car crash in Twilight. I loved the scene in the movie (which I saw first), but reading it was even better!!
My other favorite (which I can't wait for New Moon to come out so I can see) is when Bella stops Edward from stepping out into the light and he thinks he is already in heaven.
Breaking Dawn when Bella wakes up covered in Feathers. He is so oblivious to how happy she is because he is freaking out about the fact he could of killed her.
my favorite edward cullen moment was in twilight when he comes out of the car wearing his sunglasses i love that part and when in breaking dawn when they are going to see charlie for the first time and Edward talks to renesmee very serious to not bite charlie or anything and the lion and the lamb scene it is so sweet. I <3 EDWARD
All of the moments where Edward is in are gr8 i CAN'T choose. :D
I can't just pick one fav, But i love when bella finds out what he is and he ask her to say it, I just love how he ask...
My favorite moment of Edward:
in Breaking Dawn when he hears for the first time Renesmee's thoughts, while she is still in Bella's body and that change everyhing for him ( he calls Renesmee baby and not thing like he was doing before).
In Eclipse, Alice kindaps Bella while Edward is hunting. My favorite moment is when he returns and he and Bella share a "special" moment.
In New Moon the reunion with Bella, I loved all the chapters after the reunion.
In Twilight Edward skips Biology class, bc they will have blood test. Bella feels dizzy bc of the blood and Mike is taking her to the nurse. Suddently Edward appears and he curries Bella to the nurse and after that he takes her home.

I've picked some of my favorites bcs really I have lots. Every moment he shares with Bella is special..
OMG! I don't even know if I can pick a favorite moment.. geez... In Twilight it would have to be the biology scene when he decides he is going to talk to her.. In New Moon... Its when Bella saves him and they are in front of the Volturi, He throws himself in front of Bella to ward off Jane's attack.. Always the protector! In Eclipse its the time when Bella ask Edward to stay in camp with her and he does, he is completely selfless..... In Breaking Dawn it is when Edward takes Bella hunting for the first time and finds out how much self controll she has, his total admiration for her is simply amazing.
I love when Jacob had just kissed Bella against her will, and Edward and Jacob get into it out by his car. When Edward saids "She is mine, I did not say I would fight fair"
at the wedding in breaking dawn when he has that sence of "yes im complete now"




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