what u love about robert pattinson!!!

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i love Robert Pattinson because:
*he is a hunk
*he is the handsomest vampire
*he is a glitzy man
*he is paired to KStew
*he is after my own heart.lol
*he is irresitably charming
*he makes me melt by his stare
*he is so lovable
*he is seductive
*of his signature pose similar to KStew
*of his admiration to Kstew
*he is one-of-a-kind vampire
i love all there is and everything there is about robert pattinson.he is BY FAR THE VERY BEST.there is nothing not to like.id love to meet him there is some things id have to ask him.also i can think of alot of things id like/love to do with/to robert in a big way
i love robert pattinson! mmeeuh no! what i wanted to is I AM IN LOVE with robert pattinson because he is hansome. lol i also love his mimics! when he passes his hands in his hair, the face he does when he's embarrassed, his eyes, because he can say some words in french ( lol), his lips ( i wish i could kiss them). i like his simplicity. i wish i could smell him too lol. and one of my dreams is to meet him once ( if he could only know that i existe it will be nice too) and become his friend will my greatest pleasure;
what do you think? girls can dream too lol
this is a tough one...theres too much,haha.
ummm,his smile,his eyes,the fact that everytime i see him i smile(:
he has a great sense of humor,its almost weird when u see him acting serious,well at least for me it is..bcuz hes laughing like all the time.(from the interviews ive seen).and he seems really honest and just doesnt care what other people think(:
okayyy,i think thats good enough..better stop before i get really carried away(:
DUH!!!!!!!!! one word because he is HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! and he has the most NICEST sence of humor and he is shy and soo I just can't think of the word.....I love him to pieces!!!s mile...
ROB PATTINSON IS THE RED STUFF THAT RUNS THRU MY HEART, he FLOWS thru my body like red hot lead, he is the freshness I DRAW into my lungs, he is the cool water that TOUCHES my parched lips and FRESHENS my soul, he is the sustenence that EMPOWERS my body, he is the gracefulness that DANCES me across the room, he is the dream that ACCOMPANIES me thru out the dark night,HE IS MY REASON FOR BEING......Enough said. Also I LOVE HIS BIG HANDS!!!!!




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